All of the MORE sMores programs can always use volunteers to help with the rides. We are more than happy to have parents, as volunteers, join us on rides to help sweep or occasionally lead rides. However, it is important to remember that these rides are for the kids and parents will be expected to keep up with the group and take care of any personal or mechanical issues that may come up on the rides.

Each sMores group operates a little differently.

The Bike lane Juniors  rides are open to all youth ages 6-16. For kids under 6, we require a parent to ride with their child and stay with them at all times.  It may be necessary to have the parent ride with their child while the larger group continues at their own pace. This is to ensure that the kids over 6 get to complete their ride. Parents are not required to ride with children over the age of six.  All parents are required to RSVP for The Bike Lane/MORE Junior Rides for each ride and to turn in one medical release form per child, per ride season.  

The BaltisMores and the MoCO sMores are both family oriented programs and parents must participate in the ride with their kids. Only under very special circumstances will children not ride with their parents, and in those cases parents MUST sign a waiver form and provide emergency contact information.

For specific details about each of the sMores programs please visit each program’s individual info page.