The BaltisMores, as the name implies, are closer to the Baltimore area. Like the MoCo sMores. the BaltisMores grew out from a few MORE volunteers who simply wanted to take their kids on the trails they love so much.

Started by MORE Members Eric Crawford and Dave Ferraro, the BaltisMores meet every other week for a fun ride at Rockburn Branch regional park. The group will generally play around the Rockburn skills park before heading out for  quick loop on the Rockburn trails or on some of the easier sections of Patapsco Valley State Park. THe group is toying with the idea of rotating venues as the season progresses to keep it interesting for the kids. Look for details in the ride calendar.

Like all sMores rides, the emphasis is on fun and getting the kids acquainted with their bikes and the trails they are riding.

The BaltisMores have placed an emphasis on family biking. ALthough the ride is specifically tailored for young ones, we also want parents to join in the fun.

For information on upcoming rides, or if you have question on what to expect at one of the BaltisMores rides, please do not hesitate to contact the ride POCs.

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