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    Rob Lowe

    The Thursday Night Ride at Wakefield Park is brought to you by MORE and The Bike Lane for January thru March 2019.

    It’s winter and its very dark till late March. You will need lights. No Accotink.

    Where – Wakefield Park – Opposite Corner from the Audrey Moore Rec Center in the Main Parking Lot (near where the old recycling bins were).
    When – Thursday – Meet at 630p, Rides rolling by 645p.
    Who – Contact: Rob Lowe – robl{at}
    How Long – 1.5 to 2 Hours for Normal Ride
    How Far – 7 to 12 miles depending on pace of group
    Pace Groups – Casual and Intermediate – We often have other groups out too
    Lights – Yes you will need at least 1 good quality light of say 300-400 lumens minimum that lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours.

    Sample Ride’s for Casual:
    Wakefield Only – Winter Time

    Sample Ride’s for Intermediate:
    Wakefield Only – Winter Time

    ALTERNATE RIDES – When trails or conditions mean no MTB Trails
    These below rides are typically 1 single group, though break-a-ways can and will happen. Pace is UP as these are not your typical MTB rides. Also referred to as Plan B Rides. We typical ride to a local watering hole and partake of a tasty adult beverage then head back. Often pace is 12-14mph at times with rides being 14-20 miles long. We often visit Oh George, Auld Shebeen and occasionally the Vienna Inn.

    Post Ride: PLB’s and Kilroy’s for food afterwards. Bring cash!


    Rob Lowe

    On for January 31 2019 – Bring out your full face coverage. Goggles, Glasses, Buff’s, baklava, etc. Hand and foot warmers also! Expect some slippery icy bridges and roots also! huzzah!

    Very short PLB followed by direct move to Kilroys.

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