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    Chris G

    The MORE 2018-2019 Tuesday Rosaryville Night Ride season is on.
    First ride will be Tuesday October 30, 2018
    WHEN & WHERE: – Ride is at 6:00 pm TUESDAYs
    Gather at 5:45 in Rosaryville’s Fred Eskew parking area – at 6:00 pm we will be on our bikes pedaling to the trail head.
    RSVP so the ride leaders don’t end up standing around in a freezing cold parking lot, at night, waiting to see if anybody shows up.
    TERRAIN: Intermediate. There are exposed roots, log crossings, some drop offs, and some climbs that may be challenging to beginning riders.
    PACE: Generally the pace is moderate although we do stop/slow down at various points along the ride to keep the group together. When it is really cold we don’t stop as much.
    If the group is willing and everybody is feeling good the pace could lean towards moderate/fast.
    Optional 2nd lap – need at least 3 riders, no solo riding.
    REQUIREMENTS: Bike in working condition, helmet, working & charged lights that allows you to see several feet in front of you. Dress for the weather. Please make sure you eat well and bring snacks and water; cold weather riding can really use up your energy and bonking in the woods, at night, when you are cold is no fun.
    At least three people are needed for the ride to commence.
    EFFORT & SKILL LEVEL: Effort depends upon pace and one lap is roughly 10 miles. We want everybody to have a good time so please be able to comfortably negotiate dips and crossings, as well as clear basic obstacles like 6-8 inch logs.
    DIRECTION: We vote minutes before we leave to go clockwise or counter-clockwise and the group usually does the inner/technical loop.

    Disclaimer: Ride is subject to trail conditions. We will do our best to post up if the ride is cancelled.
    Go here for the most current information

    There is also a Friday ride

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