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    Chris G

    I just wanted to remind everybody that Rosaryville is officially closed after dark and that the night rides that are held there, on Tuesdays and Fridays, are by permission of MD DNR through a use-agreement between MORE and the Parks.

    MD DNR has expressed concern about riders who may be in the park after dark on their own without being part of a permitted group. I know of one incident, and that has been worked out, but DNR informed me that it seems to be an ongoing issue.

    In order to preserve the night ride use-agreement please refrain from riding after dark unless you take part in one of the permitted night rides.

    I know there are riders who are not a part of MORE or any of the groups that post on Facebook; Rosaryville Mountain Bikers, MVD Mountain Bikers, etc. that will not get this message but if you know them please pass the word.

    The Friday Night Rides have been on-going through the summer, weather permitting, and the Tuesday Night Rides will resume in September or October.


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