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    I am curious as to any progress, events, trail work or rides at Loch Raven in 2013. Is there any new word on riding there and tickets being issued still etc.



    hey Jim, there is a Clean Streams event this Saturday April 6th. Come on out and I’m sure the liaisons can give you the most up to date info. It is listed on the calendar. Tees shirts and lunch will be provided along with coffee and donuts.

    As far as I know – not much has changed. Some fire road and a little bit of single track is legal. Some fire road and most single track is deemed off limits for riders. It is confusing. I haven’t heard of any tickets being issued lately but I know first hand that warnings are being issued for first time offenders.



    I’m way late to the party, but is it even worth the drive to get some miles from Bmore?

    Are there any maps showing where bikes are allowed?



    I think there is a map at the trail-head at Dulaney Valley & Seminary. If so – it’s hard to follow but basically the fire road is the legal stuff w/one bit of single track to the right open to riders. There is a trail open directly across LR drive at providence and down LR drive in the Pines area. There is another section open up Jarretsville Pk to Merrymans but you can only park at the N end.

    I live 5 minutes from LR but don’t bother riding there. I drive the extra distance to go to Big or Little Gunpowder. There are maps linked in the trails section off the MORE homepage.

    Or I’d head south to Patapsco.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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