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    Paul Motter

    Hello all:

    I lost a key at Fountainhead today somewhere between the start of the green trail and where the blue trail rejoins the green trail, discounting the black trail. I also took the first signed bypass available on the blue trail after the picnic area.

    This is a map of the trail section on which the key was lost:
    The black arrow points to where I believe the bypass to be. It was not on the map I found, which I believe to be old.

    The key looks like this:

    Any help would be appreciated. I am also posting this in the MORE lost and found forum.

    This key is rather expensive to replace, so if anyone does find it I would like to have it returned. I did search much of this area, but that was mostly by flashlight.

    If you do find it, please PM me and we will talk about how the key will get to me!

    Thank you

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