February 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2019 MORE Board Meeting

In attendance:

  • Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez – President
  • Neil Blake – Treasurer
  • Dave Magill – Interim Maryland Advocacy Director
  • Tom Howe – Virginia Advocacy Director
  • Sharon Maloid – Activities Director
  • Rob Lowe – Membership Director
  • Steve DonTigny – Executive Director

Not present:

  • Bob Caverly – Vice President

Special Guest

  • Pat and Julie Childers – Trails for Youth


Board action and vote:  Motion made by Ernie and seconded by Tom to appoint Dave Magill as Interim Maryland Advocacy Director with full voting rights until a replacement is appointed or elected.  Motion passed unanimously

  1. Guest address to BoD’s by Pat & Julie Childers from Trails for Youth
    • Overview of their program and involvement
    • Emphasis on partnership with MORE
    • Focus on at-risk kids; no access to trails to want to help
    • Get kids on Bikes
    • Create opportunities to ride and race
    • 300 kids in programs; 73% at-risk, 90 events
    • Pyramid of programs: skills, leaders, internships and jobs
    • Brookfield park pump track build by TYO, needs expansion
    • Pat Childers volunteered to be trail liaison for Brookfield pump track
    • Immediate goals: connect pump track to CCT with community support
    • Discussion about trail building grants up to $500 for liaisons
    • Their ask from MORE is a financial donation to TYO
  2. Financials
    • Neil provided overview of January’s results
    • 2018 books are complete, just waiting for 2017 review to be completed
    • Action item: Send restricted funds summary to trail liaisons
  3. Fundraising
    • Discussion of PWC $24k Outdoor Foundation grant requires dollar for dollar match
    • Purpose of grant is for scenic trails. E.g. Locust shade; anywhere in PWC on PHTC corridor
    • Steve applied for a Rails to Trails grant for Locust Shade
    • Missed submission deadline for People for Bikes; encourage liaisons to partner with bike shops to secure local People for Bikes funds
    • Ask for available board members to attend REI grant pitch meeting Wed 2/13; Participants will present grant opportunities for funding in 2019.
  4. Membership updates
    • Membership reminders for expiring and lapsed members will continue on a monthly basis along with “thank you” for joining/renewing emails
    • As of today we have 1078 current. 83 lapsed members
    • Discussion about reopening Pactimo’s MORE store for jerseys, vest, etc.
  5. Activities Update
    • Winter membership meeting – location secured at Silver Branch Brewing Company from 6 to 9 March 2
      1. Members will be given a drink coupon at check-in with current membership
      2. Sharon and Ernie working on awards
      3. Discussion, we may not have time to secure swag for party
      4. Ernie is working with Dave and Sharon to secure a keynote speaker
      5. Ernie highlight 3 objectives of meeting: 1) required to have annual meeting per MORE’s by-laws 2) recognize volunteers 3) advocacy and outreach
      6. MORE is prepaying 125 drink tickets; food plan is potluck to maintain grassroots vibe; Steve will talk to Jeff Brooks with Cafe Java for additional food options
    • Liaison meeting will be at Silver Branch Brewing Company Sunday March 10th noon to 3pm
      1. Dave and Tom are working on the meeting agenda
        1. Liaison basics; outreach, trail building, social media, etc
        2. Food will be provided
      2. Ernie committed to purchasing a minimum 40 drink tickets
    • NoVa Spring Fling festivities – Will be at Lake Fairfax Park Pump Track May 3-5
      1. May 3rd, Friday happy hour at Bike Lane with food trucks
        1. Todd’s and Ernie will brew special MORE beer
        2. Tom to bartend on Friday with tips going to MORE
      2. May 4th, Spring Fling at LFP Pump Track
        1. Rides in the morning and afternoon
        2. Picnic lunch at the pump track
        3. Skills clinics, bike maintenance and more rides in the afternoon
        4. Pub crawl on the W&OD to local brewies
        5. Focus on spotlighting the pump track
        6. Camping available at Lake Fairfax (contact Tom Howe or Tony Watkins for camping reservations)
      3. May 5th, optional rides
        1. Maybe coffee/beer at Bike Lane after camping clean-up
    • Board Vote: Current budget for NoVa Spring Fling is is $300 which is not sufficient.  Discussion resulted in a motion by Sharon and seconded by Tom to increase budget to $1,000.
      1. Board voted to approve increase to $1,000

Action Item: Rob will look into buying MORE cups

    • Summer Festival is normally held between June and August depending ton volunteers available to plan and organize
      1. Sharon will work with Ernie to begin planning
      2. Please volunteer by contacting Sharon or Ernie
      3. Seneca Creek State Park worked well in the past and may be the location for 2019
    • June 2 is National Trails Day
      1. We need to plan activities with Dave and Tom
      2. Eric already has activities planned for Patapsco
    • Fall Camping Trip
      1. Committee will decide on location and date
  1. Communication needs
    • Need Track-it-Forward volunteer ride/trail work hours to produce Hall of fame for Winter Membership Meeting
    • Dave and Tom following up with liaison to assure hours are in TiF
    • Ernie has been talking with Andrew Melito about possible communications director position
    • Background is in graphic design
    • Andrew has already volunteered to work on Annual Report, Who is MORE, Trailhead New and is asking board members to provide required materials, data and information
    • BoD proposes Andrew attend board meeting prior to appointment
  2. IT Committee
    • Gathering requirements for website
    • GAP analysis will be performed
    • Retiring forums is an option if it will speed up the site
    • Goal is to improving efficiency
    • Basic functionality required includes, documents (club formation, status and filings), calendar (rides, work days, meetings, etc), trail inventory, links
    • Some requirements are outward facing for stakeholders and grantors while some are inward facing for members/guest
  3. Volunteer Recruitment – Communications Director
    • Ernie discussed during communications above
    • Need to recruit MD Advocacy apprentice, Trail Boss
  4. Trails Update
    • MORE is working on 2019 Trail Liaison brochure for fundraising and communications
    • Trail maintenance has begun for 2019
    • 4 new liaisons in one week – look for announcement early February
      1. 3 at Mount Vernon
      2. 1 for Brookfield Pump Track
    • Working through BROT grant work to build trail
    • Mt Vernon – new liaisons working to mitigate erosion from wet 2018
    • National Park Service – MORE has been asked to participate in public meetings for Turkey Run Park
    • Re-enactment lessor did not return
    • MORE is part of Outdoor Alliance – MVD and has provided input to a joint letter to NPS for Greenspace and possible uses for Turkey Run and Claude Moore Parks
    • FCPA presented Mike Applegate the 2018 Elly Doyle Park Service Award https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYERCK3Ou9g Way to go Mike!
  5. BoD Transition process feedback – New board members asked to provide feedback

    • There is a lot to learn
    • We would benefit from a roes and responsibilities document
    • Do we have an inventory of all of our trails and liaisons
    • What all MORE is involved in
    • What is the relationship between board members, liaisons, staff, volunteers, etc
    • Where is the history of MORE
    • We need access to prior mission, vision, strategy and goals
    • Is there a mentoring plan
    • Is there a position description for our Executive Director

Action Items:

All current board members to submit what each things his/her roles and responsibilities are

Ernie to share Executive Director position description

Ernie to share current organizational chart including committee chairs

Ernie to share prior roles and responsibilities documents

Ernie to work with Neil, Dave, Tom, Brad and Andrew to produce our annual report and “Who is MORE”

January 2019 BoD Transition Meeting

  1. Introductions and background
    • Sharon Maloid – Incoming Activities Director
    • Dave Magill – Outgoing MD Advocacy Director
    • Rob Lowe – Incoming Membership Director
    • Neil Blake – Treasurer
    • Tom Howe – Outgoing Membership Director and new VA Advocacy Director
    • Bob Caverly – Vice President
    • Steve DonTigny – Executive Director
    • Not Present – Carlos Alfaro – Outgoing Activities Director
    • Not Present (Travel) – Jeff Niner – VA Advocacy Director
    • Not Present (Resigned) – Steve Harper – Communications Director Vacant
    • Discussion about vacant Trail Boss position.  Jonathan Kidwell signed up for one year and served 4 years.  We need to recruit a replacement.
    • Office 365 groups – Discussion about expansion of members on distribution lists to ensure that emails are recoverable if the primary leaves for any reason.
    • Discussion proposing dropping the Local Bike Shop coordinator.  We agreed we’d continue recruiting a volunteer for the program and keep a placeholder even if we don’t have a volunteer.  Challenges include our large territory, connectivity with community and continual asks of bike shops.  We agreed, the hang tag was well received among bike shops.  Many local bike shops lead rides and sponsor trail work.  Most relationships are with the local trail liaison.
    • Focus should be on making the shops partners rather than sponsors
    • MORE officers are listed on our organization chart
      • Officers are color coded on org chart (includes Executive Director)
    • Finance Committee – need to finalize who it is
      • Ernie and Dave volunteered to continue on the finance committee
  2. Open Business
    • Winter membership meeting
      • Where is this going to be held? Tentative Silver Branch Brewing Company – confirmation will occur by January 18, 2019
      • Awards – Ernie to work with Sharon and the board to nominate awardees
      • Ernie will work with Dave and Tom to gather Track-it-Forward volunteer hours.
  3. MORE’s Current Status
    • BoD open positions discussed earlier and are MD Advocacy Director, Communications Director, Grants Manager, Trail Boss, Bike Shop Liaison
    • We only had 34 votes cast during the BoD elections, this is all time low.  We need to educate our membership for the value of elections; support and encourage board members, respect the election process and avoid having board members elect the board like other organization are forced to do.
    • New Business
      • Silver Spoke awards – moved to the end
      • Sponsorship opportunities – tabled for next meeting
        1. Trails for Youth – permanent scholarship fund
        2. MICL – additional ask
        3. Others
      • Winter Membership Meeting (externally called Winter Party)
  4. Financials
    • Schedule of financial items
      • Monthly for status of books and restricted funds
      • Yearly budget
      • Annual taxes and filings
    • Discussion of Most Accountable Person (MAP)s – updated directly in monthly financials file
      • Discussed that financials are current and 2019 budget has been approved
      • Provide financials to BoD for 20mins or so each meeting
      • Discussed limiting debit cards to ED and BoD
      • Move towards having recurring charges be done via direct debit as opposed to on the debit/credit cards
    • Fundraising
      • BoD’s asked to make good faith effort to fundraise for trails and operations
      • Ernie requested assistance from Treasurer to complete tax letters
    • Membership
      • Down, likely due to rain and cancelled events
      • Issue raised in terms of whether the membership model still works; other orgs have gone towards donation only model
      • Discussion regarding membership demographic statistics. Statistical analysis is dependent on quality of data and there are some obvious holes in the data as not all members complete each data element such as gender, age and address
      • Need to be careful of what data is being used; should be focused on age; need younger members
      • Spring Fling – a benefactor will discount membership price specifically for Spring Fling in an effort to increase membership.
      • Discussion of getting back to pop-up activities to increase membership at trailheads and events.
  5. Major Initiatives and Programs
    • Fairland skills park presentation by Austin
      • Many different trail designs and features proposed for bike park
      • Discussed budget and how much Austin thinks it will cost – unsure about cost and will need help to fully develop cost estimate
      • Needs assistance with fundraising and marketing
      • BoD suggested he break down the project into phases and approximate costs for each phase
      • Ernie agreed to assist creating calendar entries, web and social posts with material provided by Austin
    • Frederick Watershed
      • Set of 4 downhill trails with a designated climbing trail – 3.5 miles, 2 miles to be machine built
      • The Frederick team currently has a $30k grant and has been invited to obtain and submit  bids for the full machine built section even if the cost is $80 – $100k and then submit a request for an expansion of the RTP grant to cover the full cost.  SHA will consider, though approval is not guaranteed
      • Joe Whitehair, Dan Green, Clyde Hicks are the trail liaisons leading the efforts for trail planning/approvals, grants and trail work
      • Significant volunteer hours and donations are required to complete the Frederick plan
    • Patapsco
      • Update provide by Dave Ferraro and Eric Crawford
      • Sadly, Patapsco Trails Festival had to be cancelled due to wet conditions in 2018
        1. 20% of registered participants requested refunds
        2. 20% of registered participants deferred refunds to 2019
        3. 20% of registered participants donated their registration to Friends of Patapsco (FoP)
        4. FoP had to incur the cost of t-shirts, prizes and swag; overall the loss to FoP  was $8k for the cancelled PTF
      • Very fortunate to have one land manager for the entire park
      • Building community is enhanced because the Patapsco trails connect communities along the river
      • Parts of Patapsco remain closed and may never reopen due to extensive flood damage and potential mitigation efforts are being evaluated
      • FoP is a vital partner which has included other user groups, doubling the grant opportunities for Patapsco.  Runners, climbers and paddlers show up and help at work days.
        1. FoP does not have members
        2. FoP board includes representatives from user groups
        3. FoP Cocktails for Trails is a huge success
      • Success at Patapsco due to community involvement in “Trail FUN Series”, not work, fun
        1. Average 70 volunteers
        2. Average $1,200 per workday for food, beverage and swag
      • The Patapsco Tool Trailer is a great value
      • MD continues to purchase additional properties to increase the size of PVSP
    • Patuxent – challenging because smaller base of volunteers at workdays
      • There were 200 hikers on Patuxent’s “First Day” new years day hike
      • MORE has opened 2 miles and has approval to build another 4 miles of trail in the southern section
      • MORE expects to receive approval to build an additional 8 miles of trail in the northern section in spring
    • Bacon Ridge
      • Phase III is approved, an additional 8-12 milees
      • Bacon Ridge is now 6 miles, phases I and II
      • The mayor of Annapolis approved about 8 miles of trial at waterworks, near Bacon Ridge
    • Severn Run remains in the planning phase and is controlled by MD DNR, 1,000 acres, MORE to submit a trail plan in the spring
    • Rivers Edge – built out now. 3.5 miles built
      • Looking to build a 1.0 or so more miles in the next year
      • Hikers are working with Carlo to connect trail to Lovettsville
    • Schaffer/Seneca
      • MoCo reinvestment fund used for $12k improvements in 2018
      • Will need another $20k from the MoCo reinvestment fund in 2019 including approximately 1/2 mile of bench cutting, building two new bridges and  fixing a very muddy section of the MoCo Epic route
    • Rosaryville
      • New liaisons Nico Pellon and Chris Garrett
      • Water accumulation needs to be addressed along with need for a new bridge
      • DNR will begin working with MORE to manage and mitigate trails
    • Loch Raven
      • Bob Compton continues to lead trail clean-up days
      • Asked to leave things alone as no enforcement issues have been reported
    • South Germantown Pump Track continues to recruit volunteers and develop events to expand community support and use
    • Fort DuPont
      • Focus is with DC parks and rec
      • Considering building a Pump track
      • DCMTB continues to lead the advocacy front for DC with support from Steve DonTigny
    • Mount Vernon
      • Mountain bikes are again officially an approved use for the park
      • Received a Mastenbrook grant for $20k to build, improve and maintain trails
      • Jeff, Tom and Ernie will meet with park manager Trina Taylor to programing, management and approval of grant funds
      • Will need to recruit an additional liaison to help with Mount Vernon
    • Bull Run Occoquan Trail (BROT) NOVA Parks
      • Joe Penano is the new trail liaison
      • Received a $10k grant from REI
        1. Waiting on final proposal from vendor for work in section P of approved plan
        2. Waiting on approvals from PATC and NOVA Parks for work to begin
      • Very successful trail work day with Dominion Energy
        1. Dominion donated $2,500 to support trail work on the BROT
      • Targeting mid-March for completion of section P work
    • Prince William Co
      • Martin Fernandez, Howard Olesen and Ryan DeLaney are coordinating trail planning, approvals and work
      • Outdoor Foundation granted MORE $24k for scenic trail connections
        1. Looking at various parks in Prince William county including Quantico
    • Arlington County
      • Neil and Steve attended county meeting in Nov
      • Need to get MTB on master plan for county
      • Next public meeting is scheduled for January 22nd to provide feedback
      • Survey is open for public comments, Tom to post links on social media
    • Loudoun County
      • Potential access for 500 acre parcel between Bluemont and Harpers Ferry
      • State park continues to more forward on acquisition
      • DNR would take ownership and develop a use plan
    • Lake Fairfax
      • Frank Raiti and Tony Watkins are the trail liaison for trails and pump track
      • Marc Genberg trail will be dedicated May 4th during MORE’s Spring Fling
      • Frank and Tony have plans to expand the pump track
      • Significant donations have been made to LFP/Pump Track
    • Wakefield
      • 2020 initiative – need to improve berms and general improvement of trails
        1. Will require approximately $20k to complete
      • Multiple funding sources
        1. Potomac Velo Club
        2. FCPA hot lane and cell tower funds
      • Ernie to meeting with FCPA to introduce Tom Howe as VA Advocacy Director and discuss dedication of the Marc Genberg trail, trail planning, status and funding from cell towers and hot lanes for Wakefield as endorsed by county board supervisor Sharon Bulova
    • Discussion and acknowledgement of Regional Leaders – Todd Bower – MOCO, Mike Klasmeier – Annapolis, Joe Whitehair – Frederick Watershed, Eric/Ed – Patapsco, Larry Cautilli NoVa.  It is important to note regional leaders help build MORE community with trails, education, work and leadership.  Discussion about talking with potential MD Advocacy candidates to look at position as enabling regional leaders and not so much teaching them about advocacy or trails.
    • Trail Boss
      • It’s time for a new inventory of tool needs.  Survey will come out early in 2019.
      • A call for 2019 trail tread program waivers has gone out and participants are asked to email completed waivers to trailboss@more-mtb.org . Trail tread program accommodates volunteers who go out to fix mud puddles, drains or other issues on their own without the need to schedule a work day with additional volunteers.  This is a way for volunteers to get credit for work they are already doing in support of trails.
    • Ride Coordinator
      • MORE’s ride coordinator is a support position to help schedule and advertise rides on the MORE calendar and social media pages.
      • Brad Hawk is the current ride coordinator
      • Discussion about recruiting someone to help split duties to better support rides in DC, MD and VA.  It may be too much for one person to support all rides.
      • Questions about setting up organized ride; use MORE calendar Facebook and Meetup to advertise rides.  Waivers must be signed to meet our liability insurance requirements.  Ride leaders need to be MORE members to lead a ride per our liability insurance requirements.
      • Discussion of how to use MORE FB page.  Contact Martin or Ernie if access to social media pages is required.
    • sMORE’s
      • Elaine Hess/Anne Mader – Wakefield
      • Peggy Flaxman – Lake Fairfax
      • Meadowood – Kenny Nesbit
      • MoCo – Todd Bauer, Tom Newton, Victor Beltran and others
      • Bacon Ridge – Tom Wheeler
      • BaltisMORE’s – Debbie Cleaver
      • We need to expand our sMORE’s ride program to additional parks
    • MORE Meetup Groups
      • Washington DC Mountain Bike Meetup
      • MORE Mountain Bike Rides
      • MVD Mountain Bike Rides – externally organized and valued partner
  6. 2019 Strategic Plan
    • Circulated as read ahead
    • Discussion centered around strategic goals and specifically gaining the interest and involvement of women and younger riders.
    • Ernie committed to reinstitute the monthly emails to communicate with liaisons and staff at least once per month to help them be in the “know” as they communicate with riders and volunteers.
    • MORE Instagram, Facebook and Meetup are available to advertise rides, trail work days and events.  Ask Martin or Ernie if you need access to organizer roles.
    • Discussion about MICL’s (MD chapter of NICA) annual report centered around professionalism and opportunity to communicate effectiveness, mission, vision and enable fundraising.  Neil and Ernie request your help in producing an annual report for MORE.
      • Discussion around how NICA is organized in VA and how they operate.
    • Discussion of Regional Support for trail liaisons with training, grants and advocacy.  Dave Magill and Tom Howe will plan and host this years trail liaison dinner in addition to regional training.
  7. Development Plan Workshop
    • Steve created a listing of potential donors from business and industry
    • BoDs were asked to contact potential donors
    • Cold calls generally don’t work; proposal to send out targeting efforts instead
    • Standard letter list to send out – needs to be created
    • Registered with the CFC – available to any member that participates in payroll deductions through federal gov
    • Events with beer donations (proceeds from beer sales). Technically don’t sell beer. Give beer away and take donations.
    • Membership tables at events have had limited results, however we will continue effort
    • Discussion about a portion of donations for a specific trail be allocated to unrestricted expenses? Yes, but may not are a good idea because it may reduce specific donations.  Decision, 100 % of donations to restricted fund are for the restricted fund, no administrative fee will be recovered.  MORE will pay the administrative fees from paypal from the general fund to keep donation intact for restricted funds.
    • MORE participates with corporations who match employee donations from cash or volunteer hours
    • Trail Care has proven to be a good source of funding for MORE.  These are micro donations accumulated from riders with linked Strava accounts who ride our trails and donate after riding.
    • The MORE BoD’s is committed to making good faith efforts to generate donations
    • Discussion about what the Grants Working Capital Fund should be.  Good discussion which lead to acknowledgement of inadequacy of working capital fund if Patuxent ($100k), Frederick ($30-80k) and Brunswick ($30k) all required backstop at the same time.  A backstop is the ability to fund the work before reimbursement occurs from State Highway Administration, Recreational Trails Program.
  8. Financial guidelines for 2019 budget
    • Forecast performance to 2019 budget in March if not Mid-Year to make sure we are on track
    • Revisit budget at mid-year
  9. Communications
    • Ernie is committing to communicate current status and upcoming events on a monthly basis with trail liaisons and staff
    • Discussion about communication plan and how to use FB to post updates – frequency, volume of trail updates, rides, etc.  Steve DonTigny has been leading the communications effort with social media and constant contact.
    • We need to be more strategic of sharing of FB pages.  This is an item for additional discussion and expertise.
  10. Other items
    • IT discussion – vote to approve Website Committee. Bob formed committee to provide proposal for how to solve deficiencies in website design and performance, including amending the 2019 budget if necessary.  BoD volunteers include Ernie Rodriguez, Tom Howe and Rob Lowe lead by Bob Caverly.
    • IMBA – The new membership model flows all membership dollars to MORE except for a transaction fee per member at join/renewal.  The fee is $12 per member at join/renewal.  Discussion about when and how funds are sent to MORE from IMBA.  IMBA issues membership checks on a quarterly basis.  Locally collected memberships such as MoCo Epic or Fall Camping Trip are sent to IMBA for processing and then IMBA cuts a check to MORE. Effective Jan 2019, MORE has switched from using IMBA to provide payroll services for the Executive Director to a third party service.
    • Silver Spoke nominations are due to Ernie by noon January 13, 2019
      • Changing the date of the Winter Membership Meeting will give BoD’s additional time to submit nominations, confer with regional leaders and gather TiF data for awards
  11. BoD Meeting Schedule
    • Bob Caverly already set-up the dates on the MORE calendar for the year
    • Locations will be added by the end of February
    • The goal of rotating meetings is to reduce travel pain for board members and guest


December 2018 BoD Minutes

MORE December Board Meeting

December 10, 2018


Frank Raiti – Lake Fairfax co-liaison

Neil Blake – Treasurer

Steve DonTigny – Executive Director

Dave Magill – MD Advocacy Director

Bob Caverly – Vice President

By Phone:

Ernest Rodriguez – President

Tom Howe – Membership Director

Jeff Niner – VA Advocacy Director

Budget presentation:  Dave Magill   $81,000 net revenue, $78,000 expenses.  Full charge for Steve DonTigny.  $18,000 for insurance, $25,000 for staff costs (plus $20,000 in MoCo).  Revenues down in MoCo  10 – 15 percent.  A donation of $8,000 to NICA, other costs bumped total advocacy costs  to $13,000.  About even on unrestricted.  We have about $137,000

Budget next year is similar.  A little bit more on MoCo and fundraising.  The budget reflects 100 percent of Executive Director salary funded by MORE.  Unless we improve fundraising, the budget will be short by about $10,000.  That’s not a long term solution.  We should look at increasing membership and donations.  Donation base is growing. By 2020 we need to get back to break even.

Bob Caverly – boils down to $10,000  net decrease in unrestricted cash  next year.  Acceptable for now, but not a long term thing.

Decision:  Dave made a motion to approve the 2019 budget, Tom seconded.  It was unanimously approved.

Frank:  Lake Fairfax update.  Committed to costs that exceeded the budget.  Pump tracks need maintenance – been doing that.  4/10ths of a mile of trail building.  CapCX race money goes into the park.  Could be a source for paying some trail building.  Already 8k in the fund from last year.  Contacted IMBA trail solutions for cost estimates.  RTP minimum 125 K – max 500 k.  Would include some bridges.  Additions could include jump trails, pump track expansion and signage.  Looking at naming segments and using it as a fund raiser.  Ernie – park has asked us to help name the trails – but there are rules.   Ernie and Frank will work on it.  RTP would be in 2020 – June submission, October grant work the next year.  Don’t have the volunteers yet to maintain the pump track but working on a grant for better infrastructure.  Strong trail community, but not for the pump track.

Decision:  Dave made a motion that $3261.74 be forgiven with funds from the general funds for Lake Fairfax Pump Track.  And transfer the balance after that (100 dollars) to Lake Fairfax and create a new Lake Fairfax Pump Track account.  Bob seconded and it was approved.

MoCo discussion:   Registration down 11% with $800 in donations to MORE for total revenue of $69k.  General discussion of the survey.  MoCo reinvestment will net approximately $8k.

Decision:  Dave made a motion to move $8,000 from general funds for MoCo reinvestment which includes the funds collected that day (about $800).  It was seconded and approved unanimously.

Dave – MoCo reinvestment funds will probably all be spent next year.  A large mud bog, and other wet areas and bridges to build.  $20 to 25 k, for two miles of new trail and a mile of re-worked trail.  One bid in the process.

Election status – four candidates.  Tom Howe for VA advocacy,  Sharon Maloid for activities director, Rob Lowe for Membership director and no candidates for MD Advocacy Director.

Ernie – Silver Branch Brewing – for the winter party.  Might be available for January.  Charge for drinks only.  Metropolitan in Annapolis.  Commercial venue, no discounts.  Silver Branch is metro accessible.  Space is big.  Good timing.  Ernie will continue to work with Carlo.

Bob – we should think about doing another gala event.  Maybe not wait another 25 years.

Ernie- IMBA board meeting.  Kent McNeil is the newly announced CEO of IMBA.  The November board meeting in DC proved to be very effective at engaging board members with advocacy on the hill and riding local trails.  Look for updated e-bike and wilderness policy statements on the IMBA resources page soon.  There was a lot of attention given to listening to chapters and other mountain bike organizations.  The value of the IMBA brand and how to best leverage building a united community with focused strategic goals like renewing and permanent funding for “Land Water Conservation Fund”, “More Trails Close to Home”, “Recreation Not Red Tape”, “Kids on Bikes”.  MORE’s members, leadership and especially MICL student athletes helped carry the message to elected officials with guidance from IMBA’s staff and board.

Ernie – Fund Raising – Committed to work on “Giving Tuesday” “Year-End” donations and fundraising to fund the great work MORE does in support of “Riding Bikes and Building Trails”.  Board members make good faith efforts to fund raise as demonstrated by social media campaigns of late.  Each board members is committed to “Give”, “Get” or “Influence” fundraising to support MORE’s vision and mission.  Additional discussion centered on our one-time donation to MICL with commitment from MORE’s board to raise funds to replace the donation throughout the year.  We agreed, we don’t give away member money.

Ernie – Golden Volunteer App – West VA Fall Camping trip.  Integrated with other apps.  Replacement for track it forward.

Dave – third party costs for payroll services.  Pay IMBA 25 percent – for administrative and back-office human resource support.

MORE – IMBA relationship will be discussed next month during transition meeting in W Virginia.

November MORE Board Meeting

MORE Board meeting

November 11, 2018


In attendance via phone:

Tom Howe – Membership Director
Dave Magill – MD Advocacy Director
Carlos Alfaro – Activities Director
Bob Caverly – Vice President
Jeff Niner – VA Advocacy Director
Ernie Rodriguez – President
Steve Harper – Communications Director
Steve DonTigny – Executive Director

MoCo Final report – Steve Dontigny: 895 attendees and volunteers – 60 K income – Riders 780.
Expenditures – 36K bike raffle $5-600 – About 20 k in revenue. Dave Magill – numbers look like
they need to be updated.

Winter membership meeting – Carlos Alfaro: – Party – Mike Klasmeier, suggested the
Metropolitan – holds 95 people. Membership meeting – maybe make that one of the board
meetings. More study.

Elections – Ernie Rodriguez: Thanks Tom Howe – willingness to serve on the board for VA
Advocacy. Talks with some people but nothing firm yet. Nobody for MD advocacy – will expand
scope of search. 18 days left to get some nominees.  Jonathan Kidwell will be stepping down as Trail Boss at the end of the year. We need to recruit a Trail Boss and possibly break up the position into MD and VA.

Year end giving campaign – Ernie Rodriguez: Tom will send out something with membership e-
mails. Ernie will send something out right after Thanksgiving. Year end donation. Include in all
five areas. Segment year end giving?

2019 CFC – Ernie Rodriguez: New price structure. $700 – $1400. Who wants to learn? – Steve
H. volunteered.

Trailhead news – discussion about how to send it out. We’ll have another one this month – first
draft at the end of the week.

VA Advocacy – Jeff Niner: Was asked how we advertise trail work days. Brad hawk for
facebook and Jonathan Kidwell. Discussion about how to activate volunteers. Email lists. Bob
will update the liaisons.

2019 Budget – Ernie Rodriguez: Dave will have one for approval at the December meeting.
Maryland Advocacy – Dave Magill: Trail funding – Grants. Frederick team – downhill trails/return
trail. Over four miles. 3 miles by machine – need $80-100,000 for it. SHA Sheryl Ladota –
impressed with rivers edge – kudos to Carlo Alfano for the good work and building confidence.
Encouraged MORE to bid for all three miles at Frederick, and whe will try to get our $30k grant
upsized. If we can only do one mile we’ll limit to that. We should do progress payments. 30
days. Can we loan money from restricted funds to support RTP grants?

Virtual Board Meetings – Bob Caverly: Various tools – we should see what we have. Strong
support for keeping in-person meetings, but willingness to consider some virtual meetings to
make it easier to serve on the board.

Spring Fling – Tom Howe: Cathy Ridel – offered to host a planning meeting at her house. A
couple of options. Lake Fairfax and what we did last year. Tom will find someone to support it.
Dates? TBD.

Financials – Ernie Rodriguez: Working on the books. In the accountant’s hands. Missed VA
deadline, should meet MD and may get close to Federal. Started late. Lucky that he’s willing to
work as hard as he is to get it done. We have a treasurer, Neil Blake.

IMBA meeting– November 29 hill meeting, November 30 board meeting, December 1 ride.
Bentonville was an excellent venue for IMBA’s Dirty 30 celebration.

Steve – mountain bike classes. Would we be interested in supporting? Ernie – yes, fits our
mission, but can we get volunteers? Donations? Is this a business opportunity? Steve will
present an option.

Read-ahead items – Bob Caverly: Are intended to shorten the board meeting so we’ll get those
out ahead of the meeting.

Microsoft 365 – Bob Caverly: If you need help Bob is now admin on Office 365.
Distribution Lists – Bob Caverly: Bob will share those with the board so we know who gets

October MORE Board Meeting

October MORE Board Meeting

October 15, 2018

By Phone – on the call:
Ernest Rodriguez
Bob Caverly
Tom Howe
Dave Magill
Jeff Niner
Steve Dontigny

MoCo Readout – Steve DonTigny

734 registered for our MoCo Epic this year down 84 from 2017
Kids represented our larges increase in category with 16 additional riders in 2018
82 day-of registration this year as the weather cooperated for a beautiful weekend
We did comps some of our key trail liaison leaders this year who would not have otherwise
895 total registration for MoCo Epic734 riders (30 no shows)
We did spent more on trucks, water, beer, dumpster this year
We will work to off-loading some of the logistics for aid stations and mobilizing by cricket fields
by Schaeffer next year
Porta-johns were delivered outside of park hours and at the entrance to the park, luckily
volunteers were able to move the port-a-johns to a useful spot.Course was in good shape except
for the usual wet spots
Aid stations were well stocked and equipped; we did get calls for a few resupplies, SAG some
riders and a few minor medical issuesAll in all, a success
Competition against several eventsThe general mood at the event was happy participants
Preliminary P&L will take a few weeks to compile and should be ready by the end of the month.
Financials will be presented at our next board meeting
Maybe be able to capture more of the MICL crowd with a Saturday event to try to draw that
segment of riders of the event

Trailhead News
9/11 Trailhead News was well received
Time to send the next one

Treasurer Report – Ernie Rodriguez

Neil Blake has signed on to help us temporarily with the books; is considering treasurer position.
Working on this w/ Aaron and Neil to meet 11/15 tax filing deadline
Ernie will provide an update to the board by 10/23/2018 on status of tax filing

Motion: Bob C: moves that board approves Ernie to commit funds if necessary to pay for a
professional accountant to review our books and tax filing by the 11/15 filing deadline
Opposed: NoneIn Favor: AllMotion passed: unanimously ; 6-0


Jennifer Everhard may be a candidate for Membership DirectorSharon Maloid may be a
candidate for Activities Director
Board members should continue recruiting for candidate for vacant positions; MD Advocacy
Director, VA Advocacy Director, Activities Director, Membership Director, Treasurer.
Need to firm up election timelines with candidates by mid-November: Membership, Activities,
NoVA Advocacy, MD Advocacy, Treasurer
Need to recruit someone to run our 2019 electionsSuggested timeline for elections:
Nominations November 1 – December 7; Elections December 8 – 14; Results December 15;
Transition meeting January 12
Dave: do we need pay / hire a professional accountant moving forward?Discussion included the
option to have the treasurer decide strategy in moving forward with our books.
Ernie: I usually work with the treasurer to make the call. We’ve paid for the past three years.
Discussion about circulating the treasurer job description for amendment to outsource some
Bob: Do we pay for an audit / review on annual basis?
Ernie: Yes, we do a review
Dave: Gold standard is what ever CFC requires
MD Advocacy still recruiting, doesn't have someone in-line to take over
Good lead for Virginia Advocacy Director

MICL Update – Bob Caverly

MORE is a sponsor and well worth the price, our next generation of riders will have participated
in MICL.
2 races in resounding success lots of smiles168 at Fair Hill185 at Rosaryville
Schaeffer this Sunday – Race course is white loop
River’s Edge (Brunswick) 11/4
Director of the SoCal NICA league representative was there at RV and commented on how well
run MICL events are in its opening year comparing to other leagues across the country
Steve D: At RV on Sunday – Lots of kids; lots of teams; met with parents; opportunities for trail
work and maintenance volunteers

IBMA Update – Ernest Rodriguez

IMBA’s Dirty Thirty, 30 year anniversary will be in Bentonville AR October 26 – 28. MORE is
considering offering a small stipend to Steve DonTigny to attend if it fits within his travel and
work schedule. Steve was not able to attend due to time commitments.
MORE will be the host club for the IMBA November board meeting in the DC area. We are
working closely with MoCo’s Casey Anderson to showcase MoCo Trails. Casey Anderson is
working with Ernie to provide meeting space in Montgomery County. MORE and Montgomery
County will be invited guest at the board meeting.
MORE will bear no financial obligations to host and will attempt to involve MORE members and
leaders to come out ride and meet the IMBA board of directors.MORE will plan to organize
riding local trails with visiting board members and guest with emphasis on meeting local
members and riders.

Fundraising is possible with all proceeds benefiting local trailsNo expectations other than to
meet, greet, ride and showcase a high functioning MTBing community.
End of Year Donation Drive
Speak from the same sheet of music: Never too late to get your donations in support of trails for
General funds vs restricted funds (mechanisms is already set up on the website to support the
restricted funds)
Support new trail builds to direct restricted funds (Patuxent, Fair Hill, Bacon Ridge) <– Include in
next Trailhead news

Membership Drop-off

Need to reach out to our friends / teammates / liaisons / ride leaders / ride participants
Lack of membership events due to weather has impacted our membership renewals. We need
to ask members to renew and reach out to the riding community to join MORE.

Fund Raising

Jeff with Dominion Energy
Steve D and Ernie applied for funding with Outdoor Foundation for 2019 in support of BROT

VA Advocacy – Jeff:

Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) has officially approved Mountain Bike Trails at Mt. Vernon
Next step for Mt. Vernon Park is to apply for a Mastenbook Grant from FCPA
*** Activities (on behalf of Carlos)

Need to get on Winter Membership Meeting planning – follow-up with Carlos
Discuss with Carlos about maybe making something more adult friendly
Key volunteers have suggested a MD and a VA meeting

*** NoVA Spring Fling Tom Howe
Planning is underway for 2019 Spring Fling

*** Planning for January Retreat / Transition Meeting
Tentative dates for MORE’s transition meeting are January 1/11 – 1/13
Bob will take an action item to confirm with Jonathan

MD Advocacy Report – Dave Magill

Phase 3 at Bacon Ridge is underway
– 100 volunteers at 1st workday- Land Trust Organization in Anne Arundel County –
Archaeological Review approval was required- Steve Harper is working with Mike
Prince George County is the area we are missing

Request to have the board examine our relationship
MORE board of directors will strategize to seek key leader and member input. Discussion
centered around Town Hall meetings by region.

Dave: Two elements; Advocacy and Membership
Advocacy – pros and cons of affiliation with IMBADoes MORE have resources to go it
alone or does affiliation with IMBA benefit MOREMembership – Services we get are
membership fulfillment, management, back-office support, tracking and payroll services
for Steve D. (MORE’s executive director)- $12 to 15 for back-office operations and
membership fulfillment (membership services)
– Steve D is an employee of IMBA and MORE pays his salary and administrative fee for payroll
MORE benefits from fundraising drives for membership and matching funds for IMBA’s Dig-In
Board is responsible for and will need to do significant analysis of what staying with IMBA as a
Chapter vs separating from IMBA
Dave is willing to chair a committee and thinks Ernie should be involved. The board agreed we
should complete an analysis of alternatives including cost and benefits of remaining a chapter of

Ernie: We should have a regional meetings to listen and hear concerns: Need to listen to Eric,
Mike, Todd, Joe, etc. who represent mountain bike community strongholds.
Dave: Recommend exploring providers and obtaining quotes for membership and payroll
We agree, the primary question may be, “who is going to step up to do the work” if we step
away from IMBA back-office support?
Dave will chair an AOA Committee with Bob, Tom and Ernie
Set an interim date for us to report back to the board

September Board of Director’s Meeting –

September MORE Board meeting


Board Members Present:


Ernest Rodriguez – President

Carlos Alfaro –  Activities Director

Jeff Niner – VA Advocacy Director

Tom Howe – Membership Director

Bob Caverly – Vice President on phone

Mike Stoll – Treasurer

Steve Harper – Communications Director



Steve DonTigny – Executive Director

Jonathan Kidwell – Trail Boss

Jason Miller – Former Board Member

Tim  O’Donnell  – Emmitsburg Trail Liaison

Rob Lowe – Former Board Member

Carlo Alfano – River’s Edge Trail Liaison



Ernie – financials abbreviated.  Mike Stoll will take over the books.  Aaron will help us get through the audit.  Looking forward to a monthly financial report so we can make informed investment decisions.


BOARD DECISION  – Mike Stoll was unanimously approved as the new treasurer for the remaining three year term.


MoCo Epic – Steve Dontigny:  Last couple of weeks putting out flyers, organizing food, beer and logistics.  Suggested we get our own dumpster.  Working on a few things non-MoCo for MORE but most of the time is dedicated MoCo workload.  Approved permits coming back.  Working on marking issues.  Need orders for shirts.  Registration is a bit behind.  Numbers should go back up to 2017 levels.  So far 430.  Last year at this time 460.  Sponsorships – Bryce, gravity soul, won’t get whole foods for water.  Food ordered.  Someone suggested we order extra Gatorade.  Letters need to go out to the aid station supporters.  Looking for volunteers for aid station – on the website.  Waiting to hear back from State Highway and Seneca Creek.


Ernie- we need to limit how much we ask Steve Dontigny to do until MoCo is over.


Steve – Trailhead news – who is more – Steve, Bob and Ernie will get it out.


Ernie – Patapsco Trail Fest.  Just need volunteers.  Sounds like it may be doubtful if the hurricane comes through.


Ernie – Fall Camping trip.  Phil and Sharon do a great job.  No rain date, Big Bear trails are built to withstand any rain event.


Future event planning – Winter Party – Carlos.  Guinness – possible.  The Grange – open.  Carlos will look into options and report back.


Next meeting – October 14 – Jeff’s boat Serenity – if we don’t move the MoCo.  More discussion on needed on how that will work.


Tom – Spring Fling planning committee – in progress.


Ernie – sponsorship for Gravity Soul  –  $500 last year.  Would like to repeat that.  Will use ½ MoCo reinvestment funds for sponsorship.  Dave was ok with it.  Motion carried to provide $500 for Gravity Soul.


Carlo – Dave and Tim have been very helpful.  In 2016 1.3 miles were hand built.  Received an SHA Grant in 2017.  Going through the process to contract out the work.  Will be the fourth venue for NICA.  Have enough trail and open field for spectators to do it this year.  NICA expects 450 people in town that weekend.  MORE will provide funds to backstop for RTP Grant until State Highway Administration (SHA) provides reimbursement.  Dave has been speaking to SHA and the reimbursement process is much better with a better expectation of reimbursement.  MORE will front the $30,000 up front cost for the Rivers Edge grant.  The City of Brunswick is contributing an additional $15,000 toward the project which may be used as a match for the 20% grant obligation.


BOARD DECISION – to front the $30,000 for the RTP grant – Tom seconded.  Carried unanimously.  Brunswick will provide matching money as required by MORE rules.


Ernie – Dirty 30 is an IMBA event in Bentonville October 26 – 28.  They’ll be presenting a National Volunteer Award and a Local Volunteer Award.  Ernie is attending and has been asked to present the National Volunteer Award.


Jonathan – planning/retreat.  Family has property for retreat.  Available with two houses 11 bedrooms.  Need dates on the calendar.  One or two nights of the weekend.  Flexibility in November or do it in January for transition.   Group decided January.  11-13 – will be the transition meeting for the new board members.


Elections – MD Advocacy, VA Advocacy,  Activities Director and Membership Director are up for election this year.  We’ll start messaging now.


The MORE board is actively encouraging females to run for open board positions.  Women’s rides, skills clinics and events have been very successful.


Tim suggested we have a board meeting at a NICA event.  Inclusive to the next generation.


Action for board members – we need to reach out to women to advertise open positions on the board.


Maryland update – Ernest Rodriguez – MORE will sponsor Gravity Soul again in 2018.  Many of our members participate and it’s a great community building event.  The MoCo team is hard at work and can always utilize MORE volunteers.  The Patapsco team has been extreemly busy with all the rain this Spring and Summer.  Patapsco is doing a great job of messaging closed or damaged trails.  Bacon Ridge secured approval for an additional 10 miles of trail.  The City of Annapolis is looking at adding trails at their Waterpark facility.  Schaefer, Seneca Ridge and Rosaryville all have new trail liaisons. Look for opportunities to meet and help with trail work on the MORE calendar.


Maryland Outdoor Recreation Committee – Dec. 2019  a report is due.  MD State funds may be available support MoCo epic infrastructure, organization and communications.


Tim O’Donnell reporting on Emmitsburg Trails – have 100 dollars for Emmitsburg restricted fund – will deposit soon.  Emmitsburg will offer Camping at $10 a head if we plan a mountain biking event with the City of Emmitsburg.  Emmitsburg also has a local brewery that will welcome MORE members before, during and after rides.  Emmitsburg sponsored the NICA coaches’ instruction workshop and will probably do so again this year.  They have a grant from RTP for parking and improvement of trail signage.  Emmitsburg has developed a youth summer jobs program with SHA money.  Suggested we create an Inventory of power tools so liaisons may share tools instead of buying new.  It would be nice to share weed whackers and other tools.  We should quantify economic and lifestyle impact of mountain biking/outdoor recreational assets.  Young people with STEM jobs – looking for lifestyle, before job.


Action Item – Identify Maryland Outdoor Recreation Committee participants with DNR’s Dept. Of Commerce.  We need to assure outdoor recreation and specifically mountain biking interest are represented,

Steve DonTigny – We had a request from a private land owner near Sidling Hill in Southern Maryland to assist in creating an inventory of trails and possible Bed-n-Barn overnight stays.  Deep Creek.


VA update – Jeff Niner.   Carlos attended a meeting with BLM.  BLM is interested in re-engaging the Friends of Meadowood group which includes MORE, radio planes group, dog walkers and park users for community support.

MORE’s longer term goal is to connect Meadowood to the other parks like Fountainhead, Laurel Hill, and Bull Run to create a Western Fairfax loop.


Jeff’s working on getting a trail at Lake Fairfax named for Marc Genberg.


BROT – Ernie applied for a $40,000 corporate grant from Dominion Energy which we did not get, however they will participate in a corporate work day on the BROT October 25th.  They will provide 25-30 volunteers.  MORE will need four or five crew leaders to assure work is completed safely and effectively to maintain sustainability of BROT trails.  They will start at the parking lot at Fountain Head and possibly Bull Run Occoquan trailhead at Wolf Shoals.  Ernie and Jeff met with NOVA parks to discuss work day planning to support the BROT with corporate volunteer labor.  MORE would like to have access to more of the Bull Run Trail as we continue to prove value in planning, organizing, funding and mobilizing volunteers to maintain Bull Run Trails.

MORE is actively recruiting a trail liaison for the BROT.


CFC –  MORE is participating in Combined Federal Campaign for government employees again in 2018 and 2019.  New cards with our charity number (89276) have been ordered and will be stuffed in MoCo Epic registration packets.  We will also advertise our charity number on our webpage and social media pages.




Board Meeting – August 13, 2018

MORE Board Meeting

August 13, 2018



Ernest Rodriguez

Steve Harper

Jeff Niner

Jonathan Kidwell

Bob Caverly

Tom Howe (on the phone)

Dave Magill

Rob Lowe

Carlos Alfaro

Steve Dontigny

Mike Hillstrom- not present


Ernest Rodriguez – Financials:  None prepared so far this month.  Spoke with Mike and Kirk Zimmerman –  need to do our taxes.  We will get them done.  Grants are tied to taxes.  Must be accurate and on-time.


Steve Dontigny – MoCo Epic update:

  • Food – a number of trucks are lined up. Jeff – java cruiser organizing/contacting.  Trucks will be asked to have fewer items so that it’s easier to serve quickly.
  • Park permits in process
  • Alcohol permits also in process
  • State and County Highway in process
  • Aid station letters in progress
  • Reconfirming with “friends of groups” for staffing and volunteers.
  • Will start ordering supplies
  • Fencing and water on order – more will be ordered closer to the date. Discussion about buying/borrowing fencing.  Will be discussed at the Thursday MoCo Epic meeting.
  • Flyers and posters this week
  • Route – possible reduction of the 75 mile route. Will be discussed at the Thursday meeting.
  • Current numbers are about 20 down from last year. Probably weather related as people hold off until they feel more comfortable that the current rainy pattern will break by October!
  • Shed duro – Bikenetics – Festival – events that we can advertise at


Carlos Alfaro – Summer picnic (i.e. no 2018 summer picnic) lessons learned

  • Committees needed for events
  • June / July – lots of weather. Cancelation policy on reserved venues – call early.
  • Meadowood – would have been good turnout if not canceled due to rain. Try to time picnic with a bike demo day.  Combining with another activity would have been great for numbers.


Tom Howe

  • Spring fling in VA again in 2019.  For 2019 picnic we should consider Emmitsburg next year – they will take care of us.
  • Plan Demo days with manufacturers well in advance.


Carlos Alfaro – Action Item – Will plan winter party.  Day before super bowl.


Tom Howe – Spring Fling – VA activity – maybe consider Fountain head/BROT

Discussion centered on providing riding opportunities for all.  Fountainhead and BROT are advanced trails.


Board Vote:   Ernie proposed a $1000 scholarship grant for Phyllis Weeks – a s’MORE’s graduate to pursue her recreational degree.  The board voted in favor.


Bob Caverly – For future scholarship grants we should consider having a slightly more formal application standard/process.  Bob to create draft.


Action Item – Steve Harper – Trailhead news should include the following:

  • Fall night riding – Here’s where we know of – what did we miss?
  • MoCo Epic details
  • Camping trip 21 September
  • Patapsco trail fest 14-16 of September
  • Fairfax environmental award. October 23


Steve Harper – new trail in the works in P.G. County.  Run by a group called brainy camps brainycamps.com is creating a camp in PG county near Rosaryville.  They have big open fields, a cookhouse, cabins and a ring of woods that should be enough to create between 3 and 5 miles of trail.  Steve will connect with them again to do a more in-depth survey of the property after their season is over – at the end of August.


Action Item for Steve – get Patapsco trail fest info – 100 words and picture – Eric


Ernest Rodriguez

  • Fall Camping trip – Phil is back on board managing the details.
  • IMBA – rolling out a new National insurance program that looks good. We may want to change, but it will take some study, we have good coverage now.


Action Item – Dave will create a trail list broken out by beginner/intermediate/advanced

Action Item – Bob will write a short blurb for the Trailhead news on how important it is that we respect the rules if we want to keep access to the trails.


Trail reports – Dave

Liaison recruiting – Chris Stenersen to join Mark Burkett on SRT.  There’s a also new Co-Liaison for Schaeffer – Maurizio Cavalho.  We used e-mail to try and find a liaison for Rosaryville, unsuccessfully.  Dave talked to Mike Klasmeier about it too.  Might try email for BROT.

Kudos to bob for two intense work days on the bridge.

Maryland advocacy – might want to move to a regional advocacy structure after Dave leaves the board – there’s a lot in the MD portfolio.

Grants – bids are due Wednesday for River’s Edge.


Jonathan Kidwell – Fairland had a major washout with an official detour.


Bob Caverly – the new bridge specification are very substantial.  Center beam six 2X12s Weighs 900 pounds.  Will require more tools, time and volunteers.


Jeff Niner

  • Dominion Energy – Volunteer day between mid-September and mid-October. Will provide $2500 logistics support.  Needs 4 or 5 work party leaders.    Need liaison – various strategies.
  • Meadowood – re-establishing Friends of Meadowood. Thursday at 5 pm – Carlos said he would attend.
  • Wilderness First Aid subject – we can’t expect EMTs to teach it. REI has options and we should publicize them.
  • October 23 7 pm – environmental award.  Fairfax


New Business:

Ernest Rodriguez – Kudos to Tom for managing membership communications.  We have been the recipient of several large donations during membership renewals ranging from $10 to $1,000.


Kudos to bob for his FB fund raiser – almost $800.


Bob Caverly – Met a guy who owns his own nutrition bar company riding at Schaefer – will contact him about possible sponsorships.


Steve Dontigny – New Belgian donated $2500 for DC pump track.  THANK YOU NEW BELGIAN!!


$3500 Return received of engineered bridge design money from SHA/Patuxent RTP grant, initially funded by MORE . Money  will be returned to the trails working capital special purpose fund.













MORE Board Meeting – July 2018

MORE board meeting

July 9, 2018



Attending (by phone):

Ernest Rodriguez

Dave Magill

Tom Howe

Steve Harper

Jeff Niner

Steve DonTigny


Financials – Ernest Rodriguez

No report from Michael, Ernie has checked accounts and all is good.  Ernie to discuss Treasurer deliverables and responsibllities with Michael this week.

RTP Grants Update 

Dave has indicated that SHA may reimburse the club for the $3500 bridge design documents acquired for Patuxent.  We should know in 30-60 days

Maryland Trails Update –    Dave Magill  

  • Rosaryville needs Liaison replacement for Jim McNeely,
  • Seneca Ridge Liaison replacement for Victor Beltran
  • Rivers Edge received its environmental approval from SHA, Carlo now gearing for the procurement phase and trail clearing with volunteers

ACTION:   Dave Magill to email membership living near the parks for interested parties to become liaisons

VA Trails Update – Jeff Niner

  • Need new Liaison for BROT
  • REI Grant for $10,000 awarded to MORE for BROT
  • Working with Dominion Power to host an employee workday including $2500 for day of expenses.
  • Positive community meeting at Mt Vernon recreation center to work on re-opening trails to mountain bikes, leveraging volunteer trail maintenance
  • Opportunities with Supervisor Stork
    • Paul Springs Stream Valley trail opportunity
    • Washington / Rochambeau Trail
    • Options to Link up Meadowood with CCT along Pohick Creek and over to Laurel Hill / Occoquan Regional Park
    • Fountainhead downstream towards Occoquan Regional Park
  • Loudon County-Evergreen Mills trails no longer an option, county is looking at alternative site for natural surface trail system
  • Evergreen Mills –Board of Supervisors, Parks and Recreation fencing off area eliminating recreation opportunities
  • Beaver Dam park – possible development area for trails
  • Wolf Shoals – possible development area for trails

Membership – Tom Howe

slight drop in overall #s

MoCo Epic 2018 Update – Steve Dontigny

  • Social media events set up
  • Food Trucks coordination, limited menu to provide faster service
  • Aid Station sponsors confirmations
  • Marketing Schedule: planning weekly blasts across Social Media Platforms (countdown, Sponsor promo, highlights, registration updates)
  • Printed media delivery into businesses by 1st week August
  • Moco County Pop Up Aid Stations in August/September

DCXC Rosaryville XC Race – Steve Dontigny

Good participation.

Pop up kiosk – Steve Dontigny

Discussion about the value of having a pop up kiosk/tent with a banner and map of all our trails on the back.  All agreed it would be a good thing.  Steve Harper offered to staff one at Bacon Ridge – needs tent or banner.

Summer festival – Ernest Rodriguez

  • Make a decision for 2018 within the next 7 days
  • For 2019, consider partnering with Emmitsburg Community Days – generally agreed that it would be worth pursuing because of great support and interesting (i.e. rocky) riding

Patapsco Trail Festival – Ernest Rodriguez

We want to make sure we’re supporting it.

Action – Steve Dontigny.  Contact Trailfest organizers and offer our support.

2019 Event Committees – Activities Director

  • We seem to have better outcomes when we empower a committee for planning events
  • Form a committee for the 2019 Spring Fling
  • Form a committee for the 2019 Summer Picnic

Action – Steve Harper and Jeff Niner –  To form a First Aid committee to coordinate first aid training and discuss trail rescues with local first responders – it took four hours to rescue an injured rider off of Bacon Ridge located very near to roads.  Contact Jason Hayde Dave Kalt as possible instructors for first aid class.  Committee will ask Mark Zaragoza, Casey Bailey, Steven Miller and Jacob Miller to participate.

Dave Magill – needs a committee of two or three to do mapping with Martin – Tom Howe volunteered

Fundraising – Ernest Rodriguez

We should be making an effort to contact people and companies to raise funds.  Many are very supportive and you’d be surprised who would support us if we ask.

Publicizing our work – Steve Dontigny

We need to do a better job of communicating all the trailwork we do.




May Board Meeting

May Board Meeting


Meeting was held by phone – Board Members Present:


Bob caverly

Tom howe

Jeff niner

Steve dontigny

Sean Johnson

Dave Magill

Carl Weaver


Steve Dontigny – meeting on laurel hill erosion issue and safety risk, and how MORE can get the word out

Tom Howe – membership renewal emails, spring fling successful, morning and afternoon rides, in between Wakefield and Accotinc a swim club allowed us to use the facility,

Jeff Niner – what made it successful included connector trails to CCT, new pump track, lots of kids showed up with their parents, potential new members, introduced people to Smores rides and vis versa, committee approach worked

Tom Howe – membership is good. 1300 active members.

Steve Dontigny

  • Meeting with MTS – Met with user groups, lots of mountain bikers. Pro-mtb, volunteers who work there recognize value of the trails.
  • Attending public planning meetings for Lake Accotink. Major project to deal with sedimentation.  Either fill in or dredge.
  • Watershed liaison training. Lots of people showed up.  Rock work.  Great volunteer with AT experience helped out.
  • Pump track in Baltimore in development – Marla Streb – vacant lot next to handlebar cafe.
  • Moco – confirmed a lot of the rentals that will be needed – porta jons, generators, etc . Permit discussion.   Mobile support from vans – but some shops fill in.  Regular meetings.

Dave Magill

  • MoCo Connector trail – Will open officially around July 4, but is essentially built now, needs safety features.  MoCo would be happy to see this incorporated into some of the MoCo rides.  Asked Steve Dontigny to ride the trail and think through the logistics.


Bob Caverly – option to eliminate the two-way traffic on the SRT?  Maybe.

Jeff Niner – A lot of trail work days.  How do we advertise trail work-days.  Jonathan Kidwell- website  and Brad hawk – Facebook

Steve Dontigny – Cross posting options on FB – need to explore.

Bob Caverly – Plug ins for word press to allow cross posting.

Mark Enberg trail – Jeff.

Steve Harper. – Could we move the reports to the end?  Agreement from the group.  We will do this in the future so we can focus discussions on action items.

Dave Magill  – MDE permitting – trail status.  Tightening restrictions, DNR and MDE. Suggestion was made to have DNR consider challenging MDE interpretation of permit requirements.  Dan Hudson said that there was no interest to challenge MDE, but to pursue simplification.  One of his tasks is to work with MDE.  They made Forestry operations simpler.  MDE  – erosion control – wetlands.  On Erosion control – for trails that don’t cross streams, foresters don’t need to do an MDE review.  Dan will seek the same for trails.  For stream crossing if you build a bridge with footings outside of the floodplain then it’s not regulated.  One other piece of good news – DNR has finalized an erosion control plan form with MDE for patuxent, deep creek and Greenbrier.

  • Bacon – Archeological field survey is slowing down phase 3. Dan Hudson – U of M get some college students?  Need to engage with county on that.
  • Watershed – the city monitors a mapping software and observed new trails in unauthorized areas. They slowed the process for approval of the downhill trail plan.  Joe Whitehair and his team worked with the city to show that these “new” trails are in fact still closed, so that progress is continuing on the downhill map.
  • River’s Edge – working on procurement document for mechanical equipment. Expect to let a contract in the next 30 – 60 days.

Steve Harper  – Chesapeake Church trail has been started.

Dave Magill  – inquiry from Brainy Games – buying 100 acre property.  Cater to developmentally challenged and disabled children.  Would like a program to help the kids ride.  Sean would like to work with them.  Steve will work on the trails aspect, Sean on the programmatic.

Discussion on communications:

Steve Harper  Three buckets – ride, membership, trails.  We should focus communications on things that lead to an increase in those three items.  Communications without pushing one of those will be opportunities that are lost.  We should focus on FB because that’s where most of the members can be found.  The Website should be simpler – easier to read.

Dave Magill – we also need to focus on donations – but that might be a different conversation.

Bob Caverly – current web page is too complicated.  Three main panels.  Left side easily found links.  Join, Board news, — Right side panel  – next ten calendar events.  Center panel – flashy stuff – moco epic registration.  Hashtag videos and link them.  #Ridewithmore.

Dave Magill – need content.

Bob Caverly – if we connect content with FB.  Does FB have a facility to create sub-groups?

Steve Harper  I will bring a proposal for scheduled posts and other uses of FB.

Trail Care App – micro donations based on miles ridden – Donate through them to MORE.  Steve H – We should test it.  Tom Howe said he would do that to make sure it works.

Dave Magill – Bob – You were going to develop a plan that would involve both content and execution.  Ernie is active, Brad is fantastic and turning it into content.  Jonathan is ok at it.  Not instantaneous.  Enhancing our content creation.  Need to focus on Admins and editors for FB.

Bob Caverly  –  Guidelines for what should and should not be on the MORE page.   Dave – agreed.   Bob – A wealth of information and options under the FB hood.

Steve Harper  Action – Ride ten mile creek.  Offered to work with Mike to create a Bacon ride.

Dave Magill – Schaeffer upgrade feedback?   Very happy with the work.

Be careful driving to south Germantown pump track and MORE Shed.  Only builders.  If you drive down there you might get stopped by police – have to explain yourself.







April Board of Director’s Meeting

MORE Board of Directors Meeting – April 16






MORE Board Members:


Ernie Rodriguez

Bob Caverly

Tom Howe

Carlos Alfaro

Steve Harper

Steve Dontigny – Executive Director


Tom Newton

Rick Meyer

Tim O’Donnell

Board members not present –

Dave Magill

Mike Hillstron

Jeff Niner


Ernie Rodriguez opened the meeting with a discussion about his discussions with Mike Hillstrom and Dave Magill regarding  financials for the year and restricted funds balances.  Board members should have received the spreadsheets related to financials and restricted fund balances.  IMBA – will bill us for Steve DonTigny.

  • Financials – will be done on a monthly basis
  • Confirmed that Mike is ok with being Treasurer for three years

Bob Caverly – MoCo funds – no Schaefer funds deducted in the spreadsheets we received.  Will be in the next financials.

There was a motion to fund the request made by the new Maryland NICA league (AKA Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League – MICL) and a discussion.  The discussion focused on how to fund this, whether it will be a regular contribution and the need to fundraise to replace any funds expended on this.  Board members committed to fundraising to replace the funds if unrestricted funds were used.  Board members were also in agreement that this was important for the continued growth of the sport and for MORE membership.  The vote in favor of funding MICL for one year in the amount of $8,000 carried unanimously.

Ernie Rodriguez  – Family ride program manager is planning to recruit additional ride leaders and volunteers for Wakefield sMORE’s so she can focus on organizational development and growth.

Tom Newton – need MORE discovery rides, literally.

Ernie Rodriguez Fountainhead planning meeting – with NOVA parks for continuation of trail work on Bull Run Occoquan Trail.  Planning continues and we applied for grants to fund the needed work.  Ernie working with FCPA to name a trail for deceased member Marc Genberg.

Ernie Rodriguez – DC contingent – working to build bike facilities and possible pump track on Kingman Island.

Steve Dontigny

  • MoCo – marketing piece to the printer by the end of the month. Permit application process is underway.  Tent rentals are in process, food provider, volunteer coordinator and volunteer assignments.  May have EMT for a day.  Action item, contact Jason Hade to recruit first aid volunteers.
  • Working on Who is MORE? Steve Harper offered to assist.
  • Loudoun County – homeowners are interested in building a skills area for teens and tweens.
  • Leesburg – meeting to re-opening evergreen mills.
  • Meeting this week – city park – Natural and wooden features South Riding – near Dulles.

Carlos Alfaro

  • Spring Fling April 28th – Karl Liebert asked to make sure we updated the schedule on the Facebook and MORE webpage page with rides and events, he’s in charge of the grill! Rob Lowe has a good list of volunteers for the ride leaders, but maybe could use a few more.  Thanks to Tom Howe and his team of volunteers, the trail connection is open south of Accotink. Thanks to Cathy everything seems set with the location. Brad did a great job with the invites and facebook advertisements.  Ribbon cutting at 12:00 at the pumptrack.  Ernie will send a blast about it.

Brad Hawk – encouraged board members to sign up to lead rides on weekends.  Board members and volunteers are encouraged to sign-up to lead weekend rides with Brad.  Brad will coordinate post to Facebook and MORE calendar.

Steve Harper – Will take the action to get people on the schedule for board rides on the weekend.

Steve DonTigny  – Has the action to make sure board members have a list of people to call for fund raising.

Tom  Howe – Membership is at 1300 this month.  Tom continues to send email reminders to new and expiring members to drive membership renewals.

Bob Caverly – Sharepoint – who uses it?  Trying to figure out how much we’re using it.  Sharepoint in Office 365 account is the primary repository for MORE historical documents.  Discussion around social media used for groups and rides while MORE webpage is used for ride/event calendar, stakeholder and liaison documents.  These documents are outward facing for grant applications, stakeholder information and education.  MORE’s Office 365 Sharepoint account is the repository of MORE’s history and documents.

Ernie Rodriguez and Tom Howe – Will communicate the new IMBA Local changes and updates.

Bob Caverly and Tom Newton  —- took the action to organize a Schaefer Ride – first board ride/ Ribbon cutting.  With park people.  Plus Dan Hudson.

Tim O’Donnell (trail liaison for Emmitsburg trails)

–           Organizing a  Community Day

–           There is a possible RTP Grant Modification

–           Developing trail Community.

Tom Newton (Trail Liaison Patuxent River State Park Trails)

  • City of Gaithersburg may have funds available to help fund mountain biking infrastructure and may be interested in build trails. Members should unite to advocate the City of Gaithersburg build mountain bike infrastructure and possibly a BMX park.
  • Connecting Seneca – greenway – upper rock creek.

Bob Caverly

  • Schaeffer Farm White Loop has been significantly updated by Elevated Trail Design using MoCo Re-investment funds. Rider feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Two additional re-routes are in the works for Schaeffer Farm – one on Yellow (abandon field section before sign post 9) and one on White to move trail across the stream and onto side slope before signpost 2.

Pepco Trail – Groundbreaking was a success and excitement is building for a trail from Montgomery mall to the South Germantown soccerplex.

There was a general discussion about safety at trail heads and on trails.

  • Call 911 if there’s an emergency or something sketchy.
  • MORE can’t be responsible for security, but we should all report anything either by calling 911 or if it’s not an emergency the appropriate park/local authority.