Scott Scudamore


The cornerstone that binds all of MORE’s pillars together, live MORE, was born from our desire to keep the legacy of Scott “Scud” Scudamore alive. Scud was a long-time member and leader of our organization who passed away on December 28, 2013 after suffering a devastating injury during a mountain biking adventure.

Scud’s impact in our community was immeasurable; He rode, built, served and mentored. But most of all he lived life to the fullest. It is through his example that the pillars were born.

Each of the four pillars exemplify the qualities each and every one of us should aspire to develop.

We all ride for a reason – each our own, but we all love that feeling and it’s what has brought our community together since the club was founded in 1992.

Each and every one should help and work to build and maintain our network of trails, our community, and our relationships with fellow riders, land managers and other user groups.

All of us should strive to serve more, not just in our mountain biking community, but in everything we do.

And all of us should work to share what we know with future generations of riders and mentor them so they keep the spirit of mountain biking alive for years to come.

Ask yourself; do you ride, build, serve and mentor to LIVE or do you LIVE because you do these things?

Each year, the MORE Board of Directors considers recognizing a member with the Scott Scudamore Lifetime Achievement Award.