Candidate Bios

Neil Blake - Treasurer

Hello – I’d like to nominate myself as Treasurer of MORE starting with the 2019 year. I bit of background below on why I’m so into bikes even though I probably deny to myself the extent to which my life revolves around bikes, I keep on buying more of them (and riding less than I want to of course).

I grew up in Vancouver before mountain bikes were a thing and started out by riding BMX which I seemed to ride endlessly and pretty much just rode around the street in the neighborhood. There was a BMX track about a 45min ride away, which as a young kid, seemed like a very long ride. By the time we got to the track, we didn’t have a lot of energy to race or practice racing and then the ride home was brutal. One thing led to another and I ended up riding mountain bikes on the mountains of North Vancouver (aka North Shore) and it was over from there. We didn’t have suspension or disc brakes (not even v-brakes) when I first started so it was insane needless to say. I moved out of Vancouver before the riding got really crazy there but it was a blast nonetheless.

Fast forward to now and I have 3 young kids who are all riding (7,5 and 4) and have all gone to the Lake Fairfax pump track, which they really enjoyed and would go more frequently if closer. I’d really like them to ride as much as they can and to the extent they’re “into it” then having mountain biking close by where we live in Arlington is important – mainly to avoid the proximity (lack of) of riding that I experienced as a kid. There are some great trails out there but it involves driving so I’d also be an advocate as much as possible for mountain biking in Arlington (pump track and/or trails) and for that matter a general increase in the technical level of trails which seem to draw more people to them these days (e.g. Fountainhead is awesome and may seem technical to most but is relatively tame compared to what I grew up on).

My background is in accounting and I’m a CPA so I think my best option to help advocate mountain biking in the region is to help the organization that seems to be the most prevalent at building and advocating trails – MORE – is to be the Treasurer. Not sure what else needs to be said so I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks for your consideration.


Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director

MORE membership, my name is Tom Howe and I have been nominated for the VA Advocacy Director for the 2019 – 2020 board of directors’ vacancy. I am currently the outgoing Membership Director as well as a co-trail liaison at Wakefield Park and am asking for your vote and support to be the next VA Advocacy Director on the MORE board of directors. As a current trail liaison, I am excited to work in a greater capacity with with local and state government, other groups and organizations, and our VA trail liaisons in order to both grow and maintain our access to the outdoors and our wonder network of trails.

I’ve been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years, involved in the mountain biking community with racing for over 10 years, and have served as a MORE volunteer for over 10 years. I want to continue to give back via my time and energy to our mountain biking community as we continue to integrate new riders, member needs, trails and events into our motto of “Riding Bikes and Building Trails since 1992”. I am confident I will be able to maintain and expand upon my connections with the mountain biking community to represent our members on the board of directors from my time racing with Wicked Wash Racing, leading and sweeping rides, trail building and trail advocacy, volunteering in support of the MORE Epics and the MORE Festivals, my connections through local bike shops, and the friendships and connections I have made over the past 20 years of riding in the area . In addition to your vote, I would ask you to contact me about trails, strategic direction, events or general questions regarding MORE. I am excited about helping continue the awesome work of MORE in the coming years as your representative.

Thank you for your consideration,

Tom Howe

Rob Lowe - Membership Director

I am a long time member of the local mountain bike community who has held a wide range of positions on the board and in supporting regional parks. I regularly lead rides and am looking for new opportunities to help improve how MORE servers it current members and improving outreach and engagement with non-members to help grow the club and involvement of non-members thru rides, trailwork and other outreach activities. I look forward to working with new and old board members in the future. I look forward to finding out how we can increase our membership to 1500 members and beyond in the next few years. I regularly lead rides and help run trailwork at Wakefield Park but can also be found out at Lake Fairfax, Cabin John, and occasionally in the great northern mountains of Frederick, MD.

Sharon Maloid - Activities Director

I am driven by simplicity, acts of random kindness and the little things in life that make us smile. I have a passion for being anywhere outside and pushing myself to go farther than I think I can. This grounds me and gives me strength to know which end is up whenever there is uncertainty. I am grateful for the efforts of others when they give their time to support causes, and I feel if I can do the same, that I should – and this is why I volunteer. I’m continually inspired by the appreciation of those who benefit from these efforts. Most of my volunteer efforts involve mountain biking, which is my favorite discipline. My biking adventure began about 15 years ago, shortly thereafter I was introduced to MORE and for the last 3 years I’ve been riding and racing with the Bike Doctor/ Visit Frederick Racing Team. You’ll likely find me riding in the Frederick Watershed or Gambrill State Park as riding on rocks is actually a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with the MORE board to plan, organize and coordinate events as the Activity Director. I think the many years of volunteering and managing the MORE Fall Campout has given me a good base to expand upon my volunteer efforts.