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495 Jumps
Trail Status: Red
Status Updated: May 10, 2016: Wetter the better....for digging! Submitted by coulter84.

Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: March 2, 2016: Trails were fine this morning.Submitted by nov0798.

Bacon Ridge Natural Area
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: March 2, 2016: You're invited to ride.

Banneker Park Trail
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: March 2, 2016: Historic Banneker Park trail.

Bear Wallow Trail
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: June 16, 2015: Go Ride!

Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: March 2, 2016: Come out and play

Big Bear Lake
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: September 13, 2015: WV-Big Bear Lake : Most beautiful and fun. Great shape Friday & Saturday, dry to damp. Sunday, a little damp, but no rain.

Black Hill Regional Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: August 10, 2017: 2017-08-09: MD Black Hill East: 6pm, 80 °F, GREEN. No dust, dry, mostly damp hard pack, some soft spots in the water crossings (mainly the one on Cabin Branch). Submitted by BottomBraket.

Black Hills West
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: August 6, 2017: Trees I reported down two weeks ago have been cleared. Trail is fine but watch out for a new downed tree about 1.4 mile south of the Cool Spring Run trail head (just south of the shallow creek crossing). Submitted by kell.

Cabin John
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: October 1, 2017: Trails from Goya to Democracy are dry and great. Didn't ride past Democracy. Low traffic. Submitted by jippolit.

Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: June 27, 2016: Tree down on Orange trail, uphill where the White and Orange intersect. This is about the 5 1/2 - 6 mile point. The bad part is, if riding the White trail, this is a downhill, blind left turn and the tree is sizable. On the white trail this is about the 2 1/2 mile point. Use caution here. Otherwise all the trails are good. A bit damp in the fern/marsh areas but nothing horrible. Submitted by salvaje.

Conway Robinson State Forest
Trail Status: Yellow
Status Updated: July 23, 2017: A downed tree across the trail on each of the trails(Yellow, Blue, and Orange). The rain yesterday made it slick in some areas and puddles. Submitted by VaTrekRider.

Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: September 15, 2015: Good to ride

Elizabeth Furnace
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: July 5, 2017: open

Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: May 27, 2016: Would give the trail a -A rating. Quite a few trees down on the connector trail and advanced trail. Also a lot of vegetation encroachment onto the connector trail going up from Ananndale road. A little mud in some stream crossing areas. Nothing major though. Bring plenty of water with this heat. Submitted by Jake76.

Fairland Recreational/Regional Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: April 8, 2017: 2017-04-08: MD Fairland: Green. 3pm, 68 °F. Some dust, mostly dry, some damp hard pack, several muddy spots with a few holding water (mostly on Crows Foot). Submitted by BottomBraket.

Fort Dupont
Trail Status: Yellow
Status Updated: March 2, 2016: Fort Dupont's trails are highly resistant to rain, but, please use common sense. It may be too muddy in a lot of places.Submitted by raymo853.

Fountainhead Regional Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: February 16, 2017: The Mountain Bike Trails are open. Be aware of the leaf and tree debris on the trail from the high winds yesterday. The MBT entrance closes at 3:30 pm and the park gate locks at 5:30 pm sharp. Thank you and have a great ride!

Frederick Watershed
Trail Status: Yellow
Status Updated: June 29, 2016: Use caution - rain has left trails pretty wet.

Gambrill State Park
Trail Status: Blue
Status Updated: January 28, 2016: Couple feet of snow on trails. Minimal ski/shoe tracks on 2.7 miles as of 1/27/16. Pack your skis/snowshoes and help us pack down the trail.Submitted by tsbauer.

Hoyles Mill Trail
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: May 31, 2016: Tread is great. Lots of trail creep and tall grass in the open fields. Submitted by tsbauer.

Lake Fairfax Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: August 17, 2016: Trails are AWESOME!!!! Come out and ROCK'em! Just, please stay on existing trails and don't make your own!Submitted by rockhead.

Laurel Hill
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: August 10, 2016: As of yesterday (8/9), the Workhouse and Pasture loops were dry, fast, and freshly mowed. No ticks, either! The construction is nearly done, and it's possible now to cross from the Giles Run area to the pasture on paths instead of crossing Lorton Rd. Submitted by crazytooguy.

Little Bennett
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: October 23, 2017: Trail report: 2017-10-22: MD Black Little Bennett: 3pm, 70 °F, GREEN. Some dust, dry hard pack, no water, no mud, some leaves. Trees down 1) Timber Ridge, very near Tobacco Barn: 12" dia., waist high 2) Dark Branch, near the wooded entrance at Prescott RD: 4" dia., low to ground 3) Pine Grove, midway: 10" dia., neck high, duckable but dangerous! Submitted by BottomBraket.

Locust Shade Park
Trail Status: Blue
Status Updated: February 29, 2016: Freeze/thaw in full effect...

Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: January 28, 2017: The whole trail was good. Fallen branches from recent storms littered the trails. There was a large tree across the trail between Yard Sale entrance and Stinger entrance; closer to Yard Sale entrance. There were water puddles as well. Not too big. Submitted by VaTrekRider.

Mount Vernon Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: June 12, 2016: Working on clearing corridor for new tails

Muddy Branch Trail
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: April 10, 2017: 2017-04-10: MD Cabin John: Muddy Branch. 3pm, 90 °F. Some dust, mostly dry to damp hard pack, very little mud. A few trees down. Submitted by BottomBraket.

Muddy Branch Trail- Lakelands
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: May 17, 2016: Significant trail work has occurred this spring, rerouting away from wet areas and the edge of the drop into the creek. New tread is dry and needs traffic to continue improve. Submitted by bme107.

Patapsco North
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: November 25, 2015: Trails in good condition but leafy - be cautious for hidden obstacles. Usual muddy spots along the lower thru trail. Submitted by mikem.

Patapsco Valley State Park – McKeldin Area
Trail Status: Yellow
Status Updated: May 9, 2016: There was a decent window of opportunity to ride this afternoon. The light showers didn't make it through the timber canopy and the low humidity, high winds and thirsty vegetation really did a great job with all the rain we received. If you're reading this it may be too late to get out there but if the showers tonight and tomorrow continue to be as light as they were today, go ride!Submitted by matttdalton.

Patapsco Valley State Park: Daniels
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: November 25, 2015: Trails in good condition but leafy - be cautious for hidden obstacles.Submitted by mikem.

Patapsco Valley State Park: Avalon
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: June 14, 2016: 2016-06-14: MD Patapsco/Rockburn-Avalon: Green. Some dust, mostly dry, no mud, no standing water. The new Garrett's Pass trail is a hoot both down AND up. Submitted by BottomBraket.

Trail Status: Red
Status Updated: May 30, 2016: Trail is muddy, and should not be ridden. Submitted by nov0798.

Trail Status: Red
Status Updated: February 24, 2016: Raining today

Rivers Edge Park
Trail Status: Red
Status Updated: February 26, 2016: Trail are under construction now

Rockburn Branch Skills Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: April 3, 2017: Rockburn is open!

Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: October 7, 2017: October 6th 2017, Rosey was bone dry from the 3 week drought. Rain is expected for this Sunday, so get out tomorrow and ride! No obstructions! No penalties, no substitutions, and no time limits! Submitted by Stumpjumper83.

Schaeffer Farm
Trail Status: Yellow
Status Updated: April 28, 2017: 2017-04-27: MD Schaeffer Farm: Yellow 5pm, 75 °F. Damp with some soft spots, a few mud pots, and few puddles holding water. No trees down. Diabase was in better shape: damp but mostly firm hard pack. Submitted by BottomBraket.

Schaeffer Farm- Red Trail Trailhead
Trail Status: Red
Status Updated: March 6, 2017: Soft, squishy mud the whole way, stay off for now. Needs time to dry. Submitted by Jake76.

Seneca Bluffs
Trail Status: Red
Status Updated: May 22, 2017: wet and muddy in places trail needs at least 48 hours to dry after rain. Submitted by intothevoid.

Seneca Creek Greenway Trail
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: July 11, 2017: 2017-07-10: MD Seneca Greenway 3pm, 88 °F, GREEN. Dry but mostly damp hard pack, a few mud pits in Brinks Swamp North (but ridable). The new trails up on the ridgelines are breaking in quite nicely- good flow, swoopy, curvy, and fun. Submitted by BottomBraket.

Seneca Greenway – Game Preserve Road
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: March 2, 2016: The trail is in great shape over-all, with the only real issue near the Brink swamp. That section is soft, with a clay like consistency. Other than this one, habitually bad area, the trail is dry and tight. Submitted by tsbauer.

Seneca Ridge- Riffleford Trailhead
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: March 27, 2017: 2017-03-27: MD Seneca Ridge Trail/ Clopper Lake: Green. 5pm, 73 °F. No dust, mostly damp, some thin mud, two mud holes near two of the water crossings, tacky & fast. Submitted by BottomBraket.

Seneca Ridge-Black Rock Trailhead
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: March 17, 2016: 99.9% in great shape. Wet and muddy by the gun range, as usual for this time of year. Submitted by tsbauer.

Shenandoah River State Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: June 16, 2015: Go ride!

South Germantown Bike Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: May 31, 2016: Dry and tight.Submitted by tsbauer.

Wakefield Park
Trail Status: Green
Status Updated: April 18, 2016: Nice and tacky! Lots of great trail clean-up and most trails are clear.Only caveat: Area near the power substation has been re-routed and no longer flows well. Also a number of downed trees after the skinny boardwalk along that section. For those familiar with the Wednesdays at Wakefield track, this is the section nearest the finish line.Submitted by Flandango.

chart key:

RED = Wet – Stay off the trail
YELLOW = Fair – Some sloppy spots are present, use caution
BLUE = Freeze/Thaw – Trails can be ridden when frozen. Do not ride when muddy.

NOTE: If your trail is NOT on the list to the left it’s because a Status Update has never been submitted for it. Please take a second to let us know the conditions in your favorite riding spot.

See a description of each of the trail systems maintained by MORE by clicking on the trail name on the left.

We have recently rolled out the new MORE Trail Status Update Page and will rely heavily on our users and members to help us keep our trail status updates up to date.  Please bookmark the Status Update Form and use it regularly to help us keep all of our users informed. If you have a smart phone please add the Status Update Form to your home screen for easy access.

If you are checking the page for a recent status update please bear in mind:

  • Spotty spring/summer storms make it difficult to accurately post conditions.  Isolated storms can be extremely heavy in one area, but very light only a few hundred yards apart.  Volunteers will frequently preemptively change the indicators based on weather radar in the absence of on-the-ground reports.  More accurate information typically will filter in over time, allowing the indicators to be changed.
  • Summer heat and sunshine will dry different trails at different rates.  This will vary based on how sunny an area is, and how much rain the area has received in the past several days.  It is extremely difficult to predict how quickly trails dry without timely reports of conditions.
  • MORE relies heavily on volunteers and your help in keeping this page up to date is essential. Please book mark and use the trail Status Update Form.

Don’t be afraid to go check on the trail in person if an on-the-ground report has not been posted or the status indicators have not been changed in a few days.

Whatever you do, however, please don’t continue to ride if you are rutting the trail or your bike is getting coated with mud.  That is the trail you are taking with you.

If the indicators suggest not to ride, and the trail is dry, by all means go ride and update the trails status.

The GREEN indicator is pretty obvious.  The trails are most likely in great shape for riding.  Keep an eye out for weather updates, however.  The status indicators are managed by volunteers and they might lag a little bit in changing the indicators.  Check the trail conditions threads under the relevant trail discussion in our Forums for the most recent information.

The RED indicator is also pretty obvious.  You will commonly see this one in wintertime when temps are consistently above freezing and in the springtime before the spring leaf-out.  You might also see it during wet spells at other times of year, or after an especially bad storm.  It also appears in special cases.  For example, during special hunts at certain parks when the park closes, special events (such as during a local race) when other activities might have space reserved (like the 12 hours of Cranky Monkey at Schaffer), after extreme storm damage requiring extensive cleanup, and other special cases.  Details will typically be found in the Forums.

The YELLOW indicator is difficult to describe concisely.  Usually it means conditions are not optimal, but are okay for riding.  Sometimes, due to the lag with volunteers changing the indicators, trail conditions may be GREEN or RED.  Check the trail conditions discussion for the trail you are interested in for details, and check the current weather and the forecast.  Sometimes, conditions indicators are changed because of a significant forecast of concern within the next 24 hours.  Sometimes the reality is worse than anticipated, or not as bad as anticipated.  If it has been several days since the last trail conditions report for a trail, and especially if the local weather has changed since the last report, feel free to scout the trail and post a more recent report or send us a message so we can update the trail’s status.  Be sure to remember, if you’re leaving ruts on the trail, please bail!

The BLUE indicator is the most complicated to describe. This indicator lets you know that the winter freeze/thaw cycle is in effect.  In our region, this cycle does not occur on a precise schedule. When soil freezes all the moisture turns to ice crystals between the particles of the soil  and in clay or loam soil they are tightly packed together. As the moisture freezes the crystals expand and tear the clay apart shattering it, then as it thaws the soil become more porous and allows more moisture in. This is repeated with every successive thaw, and does not require recent rain or snow. It simply requires moisture to be present, which may have been there months prior. If the trails are dry before the freeze/thaw cycle begins, the trails will not be affected as much. As soon as moisture is added to the system, however, conditions degrade rapidly during each thaw cycle. The general rule here, however, is that if nighttime temperatures get below freezing, you should be safe for an early morning ride, before the sun is up in full force. Usually, if you are off the trails by 10:00am, you should have zero problems. Beyond that, it gets complicated by the presence of snow, sunshine, and wind. Some factors to keep in mind:

  • The presence of snow tends to insulate the ground.  If snow falls on warm soil, the soil will oftentimes not freeze and even if ambient temps are below freezing, the snow will melt from beneath, creating a muddy mess eventually.
  • If snow falls on frozen ground, it works the opposite way, snowpack can keep the ground frozen even when ambient temps are above freezing.
  • Sunshine on south-facing slopes can melt snow and frozen soil well into the 20’s.  This is why morning rides are most reliable during the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Strong winds can help dry trails more quickly and if it’s cold and cloudy, can help keep them frozen solid for good riding.
  • Night rides on trails where night riding is permitted are another option during the freeze/thaw cycle.  If ambient temps have dropped below freezing and the sun is gone, the ground will begin to re-freeze. Night riding is permissible on several MORE destination, please check the MORE Calendar for sanctioned rides held in our region.

The above criteria was meticulously prepared and shared with MORE by our friends at the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association (HMBA).