D.C. Advocacy Director Election

24 January, 2013 By crashmore 0 Comments

Dear Members,

During our recent Board of Directors (BOD) elections, we made a mistake.

As you may know, not long ago the BOD created a D.C. Advocacy Director position to focus on advocacy opportunities in the District of Columbia. At that time, the BOD selected Joel Gwadz to fill that position. However, we neglected to update our Club Rules to reflect this new position, and during this past election, we mistakenly omitted it from our list of BOD positions to be filled. So, in fairness to Joel and to the rest of the club, we are running a separate election to officially fill this position.

Here's how it will work: Nominations will be accepted for five days, from January 26 through January 30. An election poll will be opened in the Member Area of the forum on February 1 and will remain open through February 5. All nominations will be posted for member review in the election poll. After the voting concludes, we'll tally the votes and make an official announcement of our new D.C. Advocacy Director.

Nominations may be submitted by e-mail to Nominations should include a short bio, a statement of the candidate's intention for the position, and the candidate's MORE forum user name. More information about MORE's election rules and processes can be found here:

We apologize for this oversight and for any confusion it may have caused. The BOD is committed to being as open and fair in our operations and communications as possible, and in this case, we believe that a special election is the best way to achieve that fairness.


Frank Raiti

Vice President, MORE

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