September Board of Director’s Meeting –

September MORE Board meeting   Board Members Present:   Ernest Rodriguez – President Carlos Alfaro –  Activities Director Jeff Niner – VA Advocacy Director Tom Howe – Membership Director Bob Caverly – Vice President on phone Mike Stoll – Treasurer Steve Harper – Communications Director   Attendees: Steve DonTigny – Executive Director Jonathan Kidwell – […]

Board Meeting – August 13, 2018

MORE Board Meeting August 13, 2018     Ernest Rodriguez Steve Harper Jeff Niner Jonathan Kidwell Bob Caverly Tom Howe (on the phone) Dave Magill Rob Lowe Carlos Alfaro Steve Dontigny Mike Hillstrom- not present   Ernest Rodriguez – Financials:  None prepared so far this month.  Spoke with Mike and Kirk Zimmerman –  need to […]

MORE Board Meeting – July 2018

MORE board meeting July 9, 2018     Attending (by phone): Ernest Rodriguez Dave Magill Tom Howe Steve Harper Jeff Niner Steve DonTigny   Financials – Ernest Rodriguez No report from Michael, Ernie has checked accounts and all is good.  Ernie to discuss Treasurer deliverables and responsibllities with Michael this week. RTP Grants Update  Dave […]

June MORE Board Meeting

Board Members in Attendance:   Dave Magill Tom howe Jeff Niner Carlos Alfaro Ernest Rodriguez Steve Dontigny Bob Caverly   Action for Steve Harper – Trail head news It should be used to unite our community from the board level.  What’s hot,  fundraising, events, what’s coming up?  Brief highlights.  Timely – Quarterly.  Sponsors.  Monthly cadence […]

May Board Meeting

May Board Meeting   Meeting was held by phone – Board Members Present:   Bob caverly Tom howe Jeff niner Steve dontigny Sean Johnson Dave Magill Carl Weaver   Steve Dontigny – meeting on laurel hill erosion issue and safety risk, and how MORE can get the word out Tom Howe – membership renewal emails, […]

April Board of Director’s Meeting

MORE Board of Directors Meeting – April 16       Attendees:   MORE Board Members:   Ernie Rodriguez Bob Caverly Tom Howe Carlos Alfaro Steve Harper Steve Dontigny – Executive Director Guests: Tom Newton Rick Meyer Tim O’Donnell Board members not present – Dave Magill Mike Hillstron Jeff Niner   Ernie Rodriguez opened the […]

December 2017 Board Meeting Minutes + November Activity Reports

Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) Board Meeting Wunder Garden, Washington DC December 11, 2017 7:00PM-9:18PM Board Members Present Ernie Rodriguez, President Rob Lowe, Vice-President Greg Dwyer, Operations Director Carlos Alfaro, Activities Director Dave Magill, MD Advocacy Director MORE Staff, MORE Members, and Guests Steve DonTigny, MORE Executive Director Jonah Meyers, Assistant Treasurer Ryan Delaney, member Steve […]