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    Ernest Rodriguez

    There’s been lots of discussion about HR 1349 – The Wilderness Act

    Here are a few documents gathered to educate and inform.
    IMBA’s HR 1349 Testimony   Wilderness Discussion (IMBA)  Bruce Alt on Elected Officials  Banned in the USA

    MORE’s Letter to IMBA

    MORE’s stance is highlighted by the following:

     – On the matter of Wilderness bill H.R. 1349 IMBA made policy and communications mistakes. MORE’s Board has shared our feedback about this decision directly with IMBA.
     – Funds you give to IMBA while signing up for your MORE membership come back to MORE and are  used for operational services like our executive director salary and membership fulfillment.
     – MORE has expanded access to and built hundreds of miles of trails locally and will continue to focus on riding bikes and building trails.
     – We have no wilderness areas in our region but understand that our members like to travel to mountain bike destinations and we support mountain bike access in wilderness areas where appropriate.
     – Although we’d always prefer unity between IMBA, all national IMBA chapters and non-chapter mountain bike organizations, we’re excited to see an active dialogue about policy issues. Our community isn’t typically very active; let’s transition this energy into gaining access to and building more mountain bike trails and growing our community so we have a stronger voice in future policy decisions.
     –  Money you donate to MORE stays local and can be restricted to the trails or parks you care most about.

    Martin Fernandez

    Thanks for sharing this Ernie.

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