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    I am retiring April 28th and would like to volunteer. May is a wash because of prior plans and I don’t want a job; I would like to be informed of tasks and decide if I can give the time to complete them. I have a Honda CRV, am in generally good health, and want to just give back to the club. Let me know if you have any anything I could help complete.

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    Steve, you may have better luck emailing a contact in the board of directors. These forums aren’t monitored very often.

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    Brad E

    There are typically work days listed in the calendar, though typically only occurring on Sat and Sun.

    Sounds like you may be interested in a special assignment where you are pointed in the right direction and work along on it whenever you’d like. There are probably possibilities for that. Suggest contacting the board and a few trail liaisons in your area. They could probably get you set up with the land manager.

    In some locations there are also volunteer opportunities directly through the park manger which allow you use of their equipment and resources where outside groups are limited to hand tools only.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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