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    Hi – I am trying to find out if there is a trail liaison for Fred Crabtree Park in Reston? This small park was used for the Nova Epic a couple years ago and connects to the CCT/Lk Ffx via the Glade trail.

    Anyways there are 11-12 recent blow downs there that I counted on a walk last weekend. Wondering how to get them removed and thought I would try to find the trail liaison if there is one. All of them need chain saw action. I think Frank Raita used to be the guy but believe he is out of pocket currently.

    I could prob round up some good ole boys and get it done but know that is not the right thing to do and would probably result in the authorities showing up as there are homes surrounding this place on all sides.

    Let me know


    Rick Meyer (livedb)

    Hey Pete,

    I do not know who would be a Liaison, but going straight to the land Manager would probably be best.
    Looks like it is a Fairfax County Park, So try the Park Operations: 703-324-8591 office. They should be able to get you to the right people.



    Shouldn’t this be something listed on the MORE site? Local trails that fall under the MORE umbrella and who is that point of contact?

    EDIT- Shouldn’t have opened my mouth before looking around. If you click on “Where to Ride” at the top, there is a list of trails with conditions. If you click on one of the trails for a more detailed description, you’ll see a “contact trail liason” link. I would start with e-mailing the Lake Fairfax Liason and see what he says…

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    Brad E

    I clicked around on all the MD Seneca _____ Trails and none of them have that contact liaison link, not even Schaeffer. Oh well.

    Just email the board president.



    Just to close loop on this. Frank Raiti responded from the ether and got me in touch with current liaison. He was aware and already had started knocking them out. I am happy to report that everything is clear now.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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