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    Got an email yesterday regarding the promotive deal offered through the MORE/IMBA membership. I checked out the available brands, and there is a lot of good deals there. Picked up some icebreaker wool products for 50% off. You can also get whole bikes at big discounts from Raleigh and others. The site is kind of a pain to browse though, so you have to kind of know what you are looking for if you want to use it regularly. (formerly is easier than ever to access.
    As a member of IMBA, you are recognized as a bike expert which means you’ve earned access to Experticity – The experts-only community where you can enjoy VIP discounts of up to 70% off, exclusive content, and the opportunity to try new products from the brands you know and love.
    Already a member of ProMotive/Experticity? Simply log-in at with your usual username and password to enjoy your access.


    Brad E

    Check which “team” they have you on and which selection of brands you are available to browse by that team. Last year they had a “team” for IMBA members and they had one for IMBA Supporters (I’m guessing members that gave additional $$). The supporters were offered far more brands than the members were. You can only view the brand selections through each team individually so you have to back out, update your preferences and then head back in to see others.

    The deals are sort of hit or miss and I’ve yet to find anything bike equip related that interested me. Have found good deals on dog treats and other human nutrition if you’re OK with buying several cases at a time to meet minimum shipping requirements. Lots of general outdoors related and camping items.



    I just got a Raleigh RXC ‘cross bike from them at 40% off of retail. Incredible deal. Of course you don’t get the shop support from buying at a store, so make sure you know what you are doing if you buy a complete bike. I’ve have also purchased WTB products like rims, which are at least 40% off. Some things on Experticity are not great deals, others are very good and approach 40%-50% off of retail.


    Lyle Johnson

    Hmm, I hope this would become available again this holiday season.

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