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    The last few times I have gone out to ride, trails were closed but this website didn’t have any info about the closures. Most of the trail condition notes are from months ago and this new app, “Trail Status,” also looks pretty outdated – as far as trail status goes. Is there another place I should be looking to find about whether trails are open or closed?



    I just realized you asked about trail CLOSURES not trail conditions. Yeah in the winter time some trails close for deer hunting. Schaeffer Farm, generally closes for the winter.

    Yep, as a club, MORE does not have a good accounting of trail closures for deer hunting. But here is a reliable list for MoCo:

    If your looking for TRAIL CONDITIONS, try these threads.
    A thread like this has been running on “this website” since 2012. Before the latest move to the current website format, this thread was one of the most viewed threads in the MORE Forums.

    See also MORE’s latest Trail Conditions page. Click on Date to list newest info first.


    Martin Fernandez

    Download the trail status app – and use it to report and see what others have reported. We have been using that app to display conditions on the where to ride pages – we provided lots of input to the developer when it was being built.

    We try to keep up the conditions up to date, but unless we get help from people who are actually at the trailhead or have seen conditions and are aware of closures, etc. we really can’t keep things up to the minute…

    Download it here: https://trail-status.com/



    I just registered for trail-status. looks like a nice app.

    I did notice I couldn’t get a hit on Schaeffer with the search feature, though.

    Cross posting – http://www.more-mtb.org/trail-status-updates/ seems broken to me…


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