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    Rob Lowe

    The Thursday Night Mixed ride is bought to you by MORE and The Bike Lane.

    Mar 9 2017 – TBD – I’m out of town and Larry is unavailable. Expect a ride time call from probably Ernie or such.

    Lights! – Bring em and make sure they are charged!

    Accotink – Done for regular rides. Pre-ride only.

    Time: Rally 6 to 6:30 – Ride starts at 6:45 Sharp!
    Where We Ride: Wakefield and Accotink Park
    Location: We meet in the furthest in lot of the Audrey Moore Rec Ctr. Near the recycling containers. Look for my Silver Nissan Rogue. G’Maps Link.
    Contact: Rob Lowe –
    Duration: 1.5 to 2 Hours
    Distance: 7 to 12 Miles
    Groups: Multiple for the regular rides, typically at least a casual and an intermediate, often with others. For the Plan Series of rides we typically start and finish as one group.

    Helmet, Hydration, Functioning Bike and Lights (Sept thru Mid April) –
    We suggest at least 400 lumens. Many folks run 1000 lu or more between bar lights and helmet light.

    Post Ride: PLB’s and Kilroy’s for food afterwards. Bring cash!

    Sample Ride’s for Casual:
    Wakefield Only – Winter Time
    Wakefield and Accotink – April thru Sept

    These below rides are typically 1 single group, though break-a-ways can and will happen.
    Plan B – B-Arlington Ride – Typically from Mile 0 of W&OD – Some people are faster, some people are slower.
    Plan C – Cross-County Thing Mixed Surface Ride – 12 MPH avg.
    Plan F – Fairfax Mixed Surface Ride North – 10 to 14 MPH avg, we usually stop in fairfax for a beverage then ride back.
    Plan V – Vienna Inn and Back – This is a 12 to 14 MPH avg pace. Try the 3 dog challenge!

    Sample Ride’s for Intermediate:
    Wakefield and Accotink – April thru Sept – 9 MPH Avg
    Wakefield Only – Winter Time

    Take a look here at the Accotink Creek data from right near the bridge under 495. This is one of my main tools for judging how wet the WF/Accotink area is. Click Here!

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    Rob Lowe

    Ride is on for Feb 2.

    Should hopefully be doing a trail ride. Not sure how powerlines, etc will be.


    Rob Lowe

    Feb 16 – Ride is on, we should be riding trails. Fairly cool and tons of wind.


    Rob Lowe

    Feb 23 – Ride is on! sooooo warm! near 70 at start!



    I’m guessing it’s too wet today, but just in case…is the Thursday night ride on today?



    Anyone seen Wakefield today? Awfully warm yesterday and today, so maybe dry…


    Mr. X

    Is tomorrow nights ride @ Wakefield on? Need to get back into riding shape again

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    Rob Lowe

    Sorry still out of town last week and this week. New thread for the spring is now open. Right now with T-storms on for thursday the 6th, it’s not looking great. Hopefully the pattern changes.

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