@jlc115 160646 wrote:

At the C&O canal, I’ve come up on pedestrians slowly, making noises, calling out ‘on your left’, etc. and some of them seem to be completely oblivious to their surroundings. One time there was a group of 4 people walking and blocking the entire path talking amongst themselves and I must have called out ‘on your left’ no less than five times before one of them even realized I was behind them (this was while nearly coming to a trackstand 4-5 feet behind them). I’ve had other people jump off to the side of the path as soon as they hear my hub freewheel 200 feet away (hope hubs). I swear, some people just seem to live in a bubble. :confused2:

A minority of the pedestrians wave and say Hi after I’ve given them ample warning of my approach. I wave back as I pass. These guys give me hope for humanity’s future.

I once had a woman scream and dive off the trail when she finally realized I was behind her. I’d been slowly riding behind them trying to get their attention while they chatted. I just stopped my bike and said “Damn, I didn’t think I was that ugly”. It was worth a good laugh to everybody. In all fairness though she was immensely embarrassed and apologized to me.