January 2017 Annual MORE Board Meeting Minutes

Mid-Atlantic-Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE) Annual Board Transition Meeting

Offices of Competitive Power Ventures

8403 Colesville Road

Silver Spring, MD



Board Members Present

  1. Ernie Rodriguez, President
  2. Rob Lowe, Vice-President
  3. Aaron Richter, Treasurer
  4. Greg Dwyer, Operations Director
  5. Dave Magill, MD Advocacy Director
  6. Jeff Niner, VA Advocacy Director
  7. Carlos Alfaro, Activities Director
  8. Tom Howe, Membership Director

MORE Staff and Members

  1. Steve DonTigny, Executive Director
  2. Jonah Meyers, Vice-Treasurer
  3. Jonathan Kidwell, Trail Boss

Item #1: Introductions

Current and new Board members introduced themselves, discussed their backgrounds, and talked about their roles vis-à-vis MORE.

Item #2: Trails Discussion

Ernie & Steve DonTigny met w/REI representatives on Friday, January 6th to discuss current and future interactions between MORE and REI. Ernie suggests setting up a meeting of the trails committee to focus on future projects with REI and other large donors. REI’s grant funding to MORE was also discussed. MORE has had some true success and some mixed success in 2016. The problem areas have been: 1) Patapsco signage; 2) Loch Raven approvals; and 3) Fort DuPont. We need to show success and “untie” funds. REI wants regular feedback regarding the projects they fund.

What does the Trails Advocacy Position Entail? (Dave Magill): The trails/advocacy job in a nutshell is: 1) getting approved trail access; 2) raising funds and getting funds for MORE; 3) organizing both build and maintenance activities; and 4) working closely with the liaisons. The Trail Boss is responsible for interacting w/the multiple MORE trail liaisons. Specifically he/she is responsible for: 1) supplying tools to trail liaisons for workdays; 2) organizing and/or scheduling workdays; 3) recruiting and maintaining liaisons for parks; and 4) tracking volunteer hours. Why is tracking hours so important?—our volunteer corps and their hours give MORE a huge advantage and credibility when speaking w/local land managers, policy makers, and donors/funders and is used to support our matching grant process. It’s also important so that we can annually recognize members who volunteer for MORE. MORE recognizes the volunteer “pay rate” as $23/hour; this is substantial “money” when we show we have had over 6000 volunteer hours in a year. The Trail Boss also interfaces w/IMBA on trail issues, trainings, and local land-use issues.

Trail Liaisons and Co-liaisons: Trail liaisons and co-liaisons have responsibility for their park(s): fundraising, interfacing w/the local land manger, organizing rides and trail workdays, and interfacing w/MORE volunteers, staff, and the MORE Board

Trail Workday and Hand-tool budget: 2017 budget for workday costs hand-tools is $8,000. MORE supports limited food provision, typically breakfast, for trail workdays. The Board supports the liaisons and Trail Boss to the best extent possible, but we also encourage liaisons to find local lunch sponsors

Special Purpose Funds: these funds are dedicated and restricted to specific trails, parks, or events. The liaisons and their parks/projects are often self-funded. MORE tries to empower the local liaisons and their teams to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Annual Trail Liaison Meeting (Dave Magill and Jonathan Kidwell): The annual trail liaison meeting in March 2017 will be important for new Board members to attend, especially the MD and VA advocacy directors. This meeting is intended to share lessons learned, discuss current and future projects, and collectively recognize the outstanding work of our liaisons and volunteers.

Monthly Board Meetings: MORE board meetings are organized around an agenda, last two hours, and are held on a monthly basis (the second Monday of the month). The expectation is the MD and VA advocacy directors will provide updates on their activities for board discussion.

What are the critical elements to understand to be successful at the advocacy position?  Do: 1) build community around trails; 2) enable and support trail liaisons in building trials; 3) help recruit volunteers to support trail liaisons; 4) help trail liaisons raise funds to support trails; 5) integrate and celebrate liaison advocacy and trail building successes; and 6) provide training for volunteer trail builders. Don’t: 1) no illegal trail building; 2) no illegal events (races, club parties, etc.); 3) no illegal night riding or illegal riding in general; 4) important to know the rules and regulations for using power tools at each park; and 5) know how to request and purchase tools for trail work from the Board.

Re-routing of existing trails: rule of thumb is if one is re-routing more than 10 yards of trail, then interact w/the local land manager as this becomes a bigger project. Know the difference between big and small projects at the parks. Of course, this depends on the relationship with the land manager and trail liaison.

Brush management: MORE is seeing more and more need for both brush mowers and the use of blade and string trimmers. The purchase of these types of power tools stretches the budget. Liaisons should be interfacing w/the Trail Boss and advocacy directors when a large purchase is under consideration. MORE has two Brush Hogs currently located in storage at Seneca State Park and one CanyCom rock and gravel mover located in a trail liaison’s garage.

Other trail and park clubs and support of multi-use trails: MORE supports the multi-use, natural surface community in the WDC area. We want to partner with all trail users. MORE is having increased success w/the multi-use community b/c we build and maintain trails—MORE is a respected organization in the region b/c we achieve positive, sustainable results for the communities in which we work.  We are primarily a MTN Bike club, but we support all human-powered trail use. The Board supports MORE member involvement in “friends of” groups for specific regional parks and recreation areas, specifically by participating on their boards and interacting w/club members to advance MORE’s goals and objectives.

Community issues (Jonathon Kidwell): How do our newer liaisons and newer parks build rapport and create successful interactions w/the local community? What does it mean to build a community around a park? The Patapsco Park liaison community is an excellent example.

Action Item (Jonathan): MORE has encouraged liaisons to build community, but it hasn’t told them how to do this. Suggest this item be put on the liaison annual meeting/dinner agenda. Each local “social community” builds and maintains trails and organizes the work and community outreach at parks.

Bike Parks/Gravity Trails/Pump Tracks/Expansion of Non-Traditional Trails:

What is MORE’s involvement w/these type of projects? Bike parks are growing in interest and are expanding in the region, however they are very labor and cost intensive. The per/mile cost of supporting a natural mile of trail is considerably less than the per/mile cost of supporting a mile of bike park/pump track trail.

Ernie: These “non-traditional” uses serve as a gateway to future memberships and increased involvement in MORE and its “traditional” projects.

Bull-Run Occoquan Trail (BROT) access was built on the success, popularity, and use of Fountainhead.

Trails and Trail Liaisons Budget : MORE operates on an approved annual budget process. Each Board member has a specific budget and can approve his/her own projects. The Trail Boss has the largest budget (~$8K). A trails committee was formed to focus on priorities and for the disbursement of trail-specific, restricted funds. The Most Accountable Person (MAP) and the trail liaison collaborate to approve expenditures. MORE board members serve as Most Accountable Persons (MAP)s to provide accountability for project funds.

  1. General Trail Fund—a special purpose fund, but not dedicated to a specific park or project.
  2. Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Grants—essentially, grant monies coming from gas tax revenue for use by individual states. MORE succeeded in getting two $30K grants in MD in 2016. Advocacy Directors work w/ liaisons to develop ideas and proposals for grants that are then prioritized. In VA, the minimum RTP grant is $100K (MORE would match 20% of the VA RTP grant). Those RTP requests are for single projects; we can’t package multiple parks in VA for a bigger RTP grant. We also can’t propose that the funding be applied in phases—the RTP grants fund specific projects over specific timelines (usually no more than three years). RTP grant monies can’t fund trail design, marketing, or fundraising—the funds must focus on actual trail building. In MD, the general limit for grants is below $40Kand 10% of the MD RTP grant can go to design, permitting and other costs (new trail development).

Item #3: 2017 Events of Note (Rob Lowe)

  1. Winter Membership Meeting (Party), February 4th, Silver Spring, MD, 6-9PM.
  2. Annual Trail Liaison Meeting, March 2107 (specific date/time/location TBD) Montgomery County (MoCo), MD
  3. Summer Festival, June 10th, MoCo (Seneca Creek State Park)
  4. 25th Gala: Location TBD. Tentative Date is 29 July, 2017
  5. Patapsco Trail Fest September 15-17, MD
  6. MORE Fall Camping Trip: September 22-24, 2107, West Virginia.
  7. MoCo Epic: 7-8 October, 2017. MoCo, MD.
  8. Thinking of reinventing the NoVa Epic – dependent on volunteers

Item #4: 2106 vs. 2107 Financials (Aaron Richter)

2016 was a good year regarding donations and memberships.

During the last six weeks of 2016, MORE received approximately $10K in general fundraising. How often does MORE want to push for donations from members? Semi-annually? Focus on a spring donation and on end-of-the-year calls for financial support. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) donations: None in 2017 b/c MORE did not submit its 2017 application in time. MORE will be back in the CFC Catalogue of Giving 2018.


MORE-IMBA Financial Relationship: IMBA cost-sharing and funding of MORE staff. The Chapter Charter Agreement notes three main items between MORE and IMBA: 1) having an executive-director; 2) getting under the IMBA liability insurance umbrellas; 3) and increasing MORE’s size as a result of its association w/IMBA. We need to grow our membership and we need to grow our grants and funding. We are event driven and that’s when most members renew memberships and when we onboard new members. We need to advertise auto-renewal memberships. Membership revenue is currently split 60/40 between IMBA and MORE respectively. IMBA is considering changing the revenue split based on chapter input and will make a decision early part of 2018.

2017 Budget: The 2017 MORE operating budget was approved in early January 2107.

The average outlay of budgetary expenses per member is $100. Memberships are $35/year. MORE needs to communicate this important fact to current and potential members. Members need to know MORE spends more per member than members pay in dues. Discussion ensued about using membership revenue to fund social activities and raise donations to build trails with matching funds and volunteer work or materials.

Greg D: How do we want to handle recognizing in-kind donations, and do we want to do this in our communications with potential donors and sponsors? A: We could do this, but it may add to our accounting burden and it may not be fully accurate as in-kind donations value is based on what the particular donor has determined.   Ernie: We are asking for donations and should accommodate in-kind donations and asks as long as they are reasonable.

Donors and Sponsorships (Steve DonTigny & Jonah): A MORE committee has been established consisting of: Steve DonTigny, Jonah Meyers, Dave Farraro, Ryan Delany, and Ernie Rodriguez. The committee is looking for one additional member. We are looking to establish a database w/current donors. Focusing on specific sectors such as the Healthcare Industry (doctors, specialists, etc.), real-estate agents, builders, lenders, non-profits, foundations, charitable trusts, non-government grants, companies in the mid-Atlantic area, and outdoor apparel industries and manufacturers. Tom Niner: What about corporate political action committees and matching dollars to employees? Steve: this is the kind of information we need to communicate to members—that they can join their organization’s Employee Political Action Committee (EPAC) and donate to MORE this way. The MORE Donors Committee wants to work w/an apparel organization for the 25th anniversary jersey, on socks, and other items.

Potential Fundraising Events Include: 25th Anniversary Gala (July), Happy Hours, Tap Take-Overs, Board members leading rides on weekends for current and potential donors, Women’s Rides & Events, sMORE’s rides. Need to focus on these underrepresented groups, i.e. women in MORE.

Sponsoring workdays at parks: DC Brau may be willing to sponsor a workday at Fort Dupont Park. Greg D. is following up.

MD RTP Grants Working Capital (Dave): We need to look at increasing the working capital fund (aka backstopping funds) to support MD RTP Grants. We have $100k in grants available for Patuxent and another $60K elsewhere and will need to spend funds up front and be reimbursed by MD State Highway Administration after work is completed. This will be an ongoing challenge for MORE.

Restricted Funds Review (Dave): Reviewed ongoing projects in MD and VA. Board passed a motion to close the Trail Tread and Black Hill funds as they are completed. Liaisons will continue to have access to additional tools as needed.

Item #5: Improving and/or updating the MORE website

Greg has lead for this. Work w/Martin Fernandez and then through Jason Ashmore to consider alternatives. Martin and Jason built the MORE website, Jason is the system administrator and Martin is the content manager. Can we host it somewhere less expensive? Can we edit what is on the website? Editing the website CONTENT is the key goal now. We have 10-15 people with admin rights and each person has their own vision on how/why/when the MORE website should be updated. Jason is excellent at controlling website cost and will continue serve as system administrator. Martin will work to help train administrative users to add content to our site.

Action: Rob, Tom, and Carlos, et. al will work together to review the website and provide suggestions for improvements to Greg D. who will present the suggestions, options, and proposed priorities for improving the MORE website during a future Board meeting.

Item #6: Update on IMBA and collaboration(s) with other trail user groups (Ernie)

Major changes in and to IMBA are immanent in 2017. IMBA runs the essential “back office” operations for MORE. The IMBA associate regional directors not directly funded by a local IMBA chapter were let go. Let’s consider increasing our collaboration with other trail user groups in the local community—we can do this w/out cost to the organization by literally showing up to common events and by supporting common projects.

Ride event coordinator: Brad Hawk—Brad is responsible for regional ride leaders, getting rides on the calendar, Patapsco After Dark, tracking rides lead/swept, etc.

Item #7: February Winter Member Meeting (Party) – All

Ernie: Russ Adams has the lead and will be distributing the agenda and plan for the February member meeting to the Board.

Family Rides, sMOREs: Some of the sMORE’s groups are on winter hiatus. A few groups are active like Todd B. who is now leading sMORE’s in MoCo year round.

Women’s Program: We have great women leaders growing or ride offerings, skills, events and members.

Action Item: We need to make sure we advertise the Winter Meeting Pot Luck in all of our social media!

Gears and Beers: It’s a FB group, not “Meet-Up” group. A community w/in a community, mainly supporting Lake Fairfax Park.

Mountain Bike Meetup – MORE’s Meet-Up group can be found under “Mountain Bike Meet-Up” on the Meet-Up website.

MVD Meetup – has been great at advertising rides, workdays and supporting MORE.

Prospect of Montgomery County, MD becoming an IMBA Ride Center: Could the DC area become an IMBA Ride center? Certainly worth considering.

Action Item: Ernie will work with Dave and Casey Anderson (MoCo Park and Planning) to begin the studying the process for MoCo to be designated as an IMBA Ride Center.

Item #8: Influence among other organizations and Strategic Direction (Ernie) What and how much influence does MORE have in its collaborators network: hikers, road bikers, kayakers, horse community, other trail users? Where do we see the organization five years from now? Ernie’s vision: 5K members, serving as a model organization for other regional and national mountain biking groups to copy, to become self-sufficient in funding and staffing, keeping MORE primarily a volunteer organization with a minimal paid staff, becoming the enabler of multi-use trails in the region, producing regional events and celebrations, and being part of a strong IMBA.

Item #9: Volunteers (Ernie)

Marketing: Jason Miller did an outstanding job on developing the “Who is MORE?” campaign. Trailhead News was successful in 2016 and we should continue distributing Trailhead News in 2017. The dedication of Dave Farraro and Jason Miller in editing the communications was outstanding and that made it successful.


























December Board of Directors Meeting Minutes + Activity Reports

Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, December 12, 2016, 7PM-9PM

Location: 7979 Old Georgetown Rd, Suite 1100, Bethesda, MD

MORE Dec 2016 Board Mtg Agenda

Board Members Present:

  1. Ernie Rodriguez, President
  2. Rob Lowe, Vice-President
  3. Dave Magill, Trails Director
  4. Aaron Richter, Treasurer
  5. Greg Dwyer, Operations Director

MORE Staff and Members Present:

  1. Steve DonTigny, Executive Director
  2. Jonah Meyers, Vice-Treasurer


Item #1: Club Financials and Proposed 2017 Budget (Aaron)

Board held a discussion of 2016 Budget, with information current through 12 December. Discussion ensued of 2017 vs. 2016 budget and planning for 2017. Insurance will go up in 2017. Winter membership meeting should have lower costs vs. 2016 meeting. Proposal tabled to insert a budget line item for the MORE 25th Gala Anniversary; new Activities Director would update the budget and provide details as needed. Several questions were posed regarding the 25th Anniversary Gala—Ernie recommended the new Activities Director address this during the next board meeting, along with full Board discussion. A proposal was tabled to budget $5,000 for the 25th Anniversary Gala. A proposal tabled for the Board (Operations Director & membership) to look at which domain names are redundant or unnecessary in 2107 so MORE can save additional funds. Motion was passed for current Board to vote on 2017 budget via email.


Item #2: MoCo Epic Recap and 2017 Planning (Steve DonTigny)

Meeting was held last week in Boyds, MD. After a very successful 2016 event, Todd announced he would not be in a position to manage the event in 2017. The MoCo wrap-up group recommended and requested for an event planner to organize the 2107 Epic. One suggestion was for MORE Executive Director Steve DonTigny to take over management of the event in 2017. An additional proposal made by the group was for increased collaboration with Montgomery County Government, specifically, MoCo Parks and Planning. MoCo Government may be able to support the Epic directly, for example, in use of County support facilities, permitting support, and event planning/safety/outreach logistics. MoCo Epic is a signature event and a primary fundraiser for MORE. Motion for consideration: for Steve D-T to assume additional duties as the MoCo epic coordinator upon acceptance by the MORE MoCo Epic committee. Vote: Passed–All in favor. [Note: subsequent to the board meeting the MoCo Epic committee agreed to have Steve as 2017 event manager]


Item #3: NOVA Fundraiser Ride Event (All)

Board will explore possibility of a NOVA fundraiser ride event in the spring after onboarding of new VA Advocacy Director and Activities Director. Ernie: Organized ride events is the most successful way that MORE brings in new members. Not renewal emails, meetings, or other events.


Item #4: MORE Fundraising (Steve DonTigny)

Proposed to set a goal of bringing in $50K in 2017 for unrestricted funds coffers from all sources combined, to include online giving, store/merchandise sales, grants, sponsorships, increased memberships, corporate giving, etc. Retaining members is critical. Better trailhead signage is also critical in advertising MORE’s activities. With loss of Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) revenue in 2017 (NB: MORE missed the 2016 deadline to be included in the 2017 CFC giving catalogue but plans to be back in the catalogue for 2018), MORE needs to focus on the CFC donations we’ve missed. The 2018 window is 15 December 2016 to 15 January 2017. Ernie: MORE receives a list of CFC donors that we use to thank and recognize CFC donors. Steve DonTigny: With respect to my 2017 goal of $50K, I propose we begin with a small committee of MORE members and at least one Board member. Ernie: We have both and individual donor list and a members list from the past two years.

Item #5: MORE Board Elections (Ernie)

Voting closes on December 19th. Reminder for all MORE members to vote!

Item #6: 25th Anniversary Logo and 25th Anniversary Gala (All)

Request for Jason Miller to email the final logo to the Board for a final review and vote. 25th Gala Anniversary Event: Looking into a timeline/history of MORE that can be presented at the gala event in June 2017. IMBA senior leadership should be present and have a speaking role. Ernie: suggested forming a committee with the new Activities Director and Karen Garnett (volunteer leader).

Item #7: Winter Member Meeting February 4th (Rob)

Board needs to follow-up w/Russ Adams regarding updates/status of the Winter Meeting. Club Enduro will be researched with Brad Hawk. Question for the Board: should MORE continue Club Enduro? Russ Adams plans on giving away two Cannondale bikes (purchased using personal funds). We would like to have a professional video produced by one of the members for the winter meeting. Event will be a potluck, but need to follow-up on the food that MORE will supply.

Item #8: MORE Board Transition meeting (Ernie & Dave)

Meeting will be held January 8th (10AM-3PM) at the office of Dave Magill.

Item #9: IMBA Status (Ernie)

Ernie has been on a few rides w/Bruce Alt of IMBA (Vice-President of Government Affairs). IMBA is in a process of re-inventing the organization, and its main challenge is for it to remain financially viable and show value to the Chapter program. Ernie has been participating in chapter leader teleconferences providing advice and feedback to IMBA since the Arkansas world summit.

Item #10: Trails Report for Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

Maryland—Dave Magill

Brunswick: Carlo Alfano is optimistic for further funds from the City. Building another two to three miles in 2017. Frederick: City of Frederick has voted unanimously to adopt the watershed master plan. For the trails portion of the plan, the main focus is in upgrading and re-working of existing trails. MORE’s near term focus will be on creating a map. Emmitsburg: Nothing to report. Patuxent: MD State Highway Administration approval received to spend $10K on permit applications. MoCo: Team will work w/Casey Anderson and MoCo Parks on trail building priorities for 2017 and beyond. TROT and Dave Scull informed us that Sunday hunting may happen on private lands in MoCo. Patapsco: Volunteers hit 3,000 hours! Bacon Ridge: Michael Klasmeier organized 2,000 hrs. of trail work and knocked out four miles of trail! Amazing work and organization by Michael and his team. Pepco update (Muddy branch Trail to the Germantown Soccerplex in MoCo): Pepco will pay for permitting for the natural surface trail of approximately 4.5 miles. Dave Scull needs to draft up a use agreement in order for access to be granted to flag and map the proposed route. Cosca: progress is being made on 4.5 miles of new trails. 

Virginia Report—Ernie Rodriguez

Fountainhead: Looking to establish some downhill features on the Fountainhead black loop. Lake Fairfax Park (Frank, et. al): things are looking good. Mt. Vernon: still no bikes permitted. Ernie spoke to Fairfax Co. officials. BROT: nothing new to report. The good momentum at BROT needs to be maintained through a trail cleanup day or other activity.

Track It Forward: MORE has seen a large increase our registered users and this is costing the organization money. We will complete 2016 using TiF but will evaluate lower cost alternatives in 2017.

Item #11: Final 2016 Trailhead News (All)

Should include goals for 2017, financials for 2106, big events in 2017, new Board members, accomplishments, and plans. Proposal is for new Membership Director to put this out in early February to summarize 2016.


November 2016 Activity Reports (Board, Staff, and Members):


Steve DonTigny

  • 2016 Trails Symposium
  • YTD Status of Coalition and Work Group Sessions
  • IMBA Tacking App Conference Call
  • Executive Committee Meeting
  • Bacon Ridge Trail work Day
  • Capitol Cross Scud Fries
  • FCPA Meeting with Supervisor Dan Storck-Mount Vernon Park trails
  • Lake Accotink Park Master Plan Revision Meeting-Trails Meeting
  • Potomac Heritage Trail Assoc. BOD Meeting
  • 4 Mile Run Master Plan Open Studio
  • Earth Conservation Corp Roundtable Discussion -State of our Public lands
  • American Trails Webinar
  • Powerful Partnerships: Lessons Learned on Leveraging Public-Private Funding for Trails
  • MoCo Epic Wrap Up Meeting
  • Executive Committee Meeting
  • Outdoor Alliance partners Trail ride

Aaron Richter

  • Drafted expense reports
  • Prepared MD registration

Ernie Rodriguez

  • Submitted proposed logo for MORE’s 25th anniversary
  • Worked on 2017 Budget proposal with Dave Magill
  • Lead two rides with IMBA VIP Bruce Alt to discuss upcoming changes at IMBA
  • Participate in IMBA’s chapter leaders survey, follow-up teleconference and key leader input
  • Sent out end-of-year donation membership appeal
  • Sent out reminders to lapsed and expired members for MORE membership
  • Sent out reminders to members who’s membership expires in December
  • Sent out “Thank You” notes to members joining, renewing and making donations to MORE
  • Meeting with Supervisor Storck (Mount Vernon District) Fairfax County regarding losing access to Mount Vernon Park trails
  • Two discussions with Fairfax County Park Authority board member Lynwood Gorham regarding access to Mount Vernon Trails
  • Participated in Bacon Ridge trail work day
  • Attended MoCo Epic wrap-up meeting and planning session
  • Participated in REI’s National Trails Coalition collaborative ride and networking event in DC
  • Participated in Outdoor Alliance preliminary organizational ride and discussions for uniting with paddlers, boaters and climbers to advocate for access for outdoor recreation
  • Working with Russ Adams and Karen Garnett to form committee for 25th anniversary gala
  • Working with Carlos Alfaro to plan, organize and ride first annual Tour-de-Mount Vernon ride

Larry Cautelli

Virginia Advocacy

  • Multiple phone calls and E-Mails with Fountainhead Downhill and Free Ride Group.
  • Joined Facebook pages for DH group and FH Freeride
  • Two Hour meeting with NOVA Parks
    • Discussed: Free Ride build on Black Loop
      • BROT Redesign and RTP
      • Scud dedication Bench
    • Attended Accotink Trails Meeting – Wrote up minutes and personal interpretation of

Dave Magill

  • Pepco trail design meetings
  • MoCo Epic team meeting – approach for 2017
  • Knee surgery
  • Discussed pros and cons of forming a Friends group with a liaison
  • Assisted in arranging loans for TC’s build work at

Jonah Meyers

  • Fundraising
  • Mid-Atlantic outdoor advocacy networking
  • Patuxent RTP procurement work
  • Donations tracking for end-of-year donation

Greg Dwyer

  • Drafted, circulated for approval, and posted November Board meeting minutes on the MORE website
  • Provided input for MORE’s 25th anniversary logo
  • Fundraising: Initiated corporate donor outreach to DC

Jason Miller

-No input

Russ Adams

-No input received

Rob Lowe

-No input received

November 2016 Board Meeting Minutes + Activity Reports

MORE Board of Directors Meeting: November 14, 2016

Location: REI Tyson’s Corner, VA

Time: 7PM-9PM

Board Members Present:

  1. Ernie Rodriguez—President
  2. Rob Lowe—Vice President
  3. Greg Dwyer—Operations Director
  4. Russ Adams—Activities Director
  5. Jason Miller—Member Director
  6. Aaron Richter—Treasurer
  7. Dave Magill—Trails Director

MORE Staff Present:

  1. Steve Don-Tigney (Executive Director)
  2. Jonah Meyers (Assistant Treasurer)
  3. Jonathon Kidwell (Trail Boss)

Item #1: IMBA World Summit Report (Ernie Rodriguez)

Overall an excellent meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas. Ernie represented MORE and gave a presentation (along with Anthony Duncan, IMBA Atlantic Regional Director) to attendees on utilizing volunteers to build and maintain trails. 119 IMBA members were nominated for the Scot Scudamore National Volunteer award. Nine nominees were from MORE. Elaine Hess, MORE member and Family Ride coordinator, received the award on behalf of MORE which also meant MORE received a $4K grant from IMBA. IMBA provided the criteria for the award, and MORE had no input in the selection process. IMBA will distribute a press release on the meeting very soon. Trails in the Bentonville area were excellent. Prospects for additional grants for MORE’s Fort DuPont project were promising after discussions with donors and IMBA staff. MORE received kudos for its sMOREs program.


Item #2: Membership Discussion (Ernie Rodriguez)

1499 current members (*the 1500th member signed up during the board meeting). MoCo Epic and Patapsco Trails Festival helped increase MORE membership.

Item #3 Trails Update:

MD Trails (Dave Magill): A great year for Maryland Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grants—over $200K of funding coming from these grants in 2016 to MORE and other organizations that improve multiuse natural surface trails. http://www.sha.state.md.us/Index.aspx?PageId=98

For example, there will be funds for a permanent privy at Schaeffer (see details for all RTP Grants in Dave’s monthly activities report). The trail organizations throughout our area have been hugely successful in getting these grants, i.e. grants that fund maintenance and design activities versus new build activities. Bacon Ridge Phase Two of 4.5 miles has been approved and construction is proceeding very well, led by Mike Klasmeier. Patuxent: design money is available for permits. No new updates regarding Loch Raven.

VA Trails (Ernie Rodriguez): Lake Fairfax park: Frank Raiti continuing work on the pump track. Mt. Vernon: work there remains entirely volunteer based. Waiting on decision from Mastenbrook for $10K to defray some costs. Fountainhead: nothing to report. BROT: nothing to report. Wakefield: great workday recently held. Question from the Board: What happened to our trails work at Occoquan? Ernie: MORE was removed from the project due to security concerns by local & state authorities/agencies who focus on lake access.

DC Trails (Steve Don-Tigney): DC trail workday @ Fort DuPont Park recently held. Met w/the community organizer for Fort DuPont (Julie ). Washington Area Bicyclists Association (WABA) remains supportive of MORE’s efforts to build trails. There will be a new park superintendent at Fort DuPont. People for Bikes are involved. Update: Turkey Run Park (located off of George Washington Parkway in VA, parallel to the Potomac River)– the new superintendent wants to explore mountain bike trails in the park (it is under control of the National Park Service). This is an excellent opportunity for MORE.

Item #4: Board Composition (Dave Magill)

The Board reviewed Dave’s written proposal to create respective MD and VA Advocacy Board positions. The Trails Committee would be a co-chair. Vote: Approve creating two advocacy board positions (one for MD one for VA). Passed unanimously by the Board.

Item #5: Budget and 2015 Tax Returns (Aaron Richter)

Tax returns for 2015 were submitted for Board review. Ernie and Aaron signed the 2015 MORE tax returns. Lake Fairfax pump track is $3K overspent. Credit card expenditures, receipts, and entries are becoming an issue, specifically, submission of receipts in a timely manner by members is an issue in certain cases. There was discussion of updating MORE’s policy regarding the use of the MORE credit cards by volunteers. Action: MORE’s credit card policy to be reviewed by the Board and discussed during the December meeting.

Item #6: Winter Membership Meeting (Russ Adams/Jason Miller)

Will be held in February 2017. Potluck theme, beer donated by New Belgium. Tom Newton has leftover beer from MOCO epic and Russ will inquire. Awards: how can we recognize volunteers for their 2016 work? In the past, MORE has recognized trail liaison of the year, most hours volunteered, most active volunteer, etc. Action: Jason Miller to send the Board the past “Silver Spoke” award categories and Board will provide ideas before the December Board meeting. Discussion regarding a video. Action: The winter meeting committee will work on details such as a PA system/speakers, swag, free bike for volunteers?, recognition for superior volunteer achievements, and other activities.

Item #7: 25th Anniversary Gala (Jason Miller):

Envision this to be a fundraiser and not a big expense for MORE. Still working on the 25th anniversary logo and will send ideas to the Board.   The Winter Meeting will be the rollout of the “25 for 25” theme. Time-lapse videos of past vids combined with current vids.

Item #8: 2017 Budget (All)

Dave Magill proposed that 2017 budget should be approved during the December 2016 Board meeting. All Board members present agreed.

Item #9: Outside support for MORE Trail Building Activities (Jonathon Kidwell)

Jonathon discussed a recent conversation with Mr. Robb Hampton from Student Conservation Association (SCA) regarding additional support to MORE trail building and maintenance activities. Specifically, SCA can provide individual interns, groups of students, or highly skilled groups to support MORE’s ongoing trail building efforts. Unfortunately, the SCA charges for its services and is quite expensive. Board appreciated the presentation and decided not to pursue the issue due to cost.


Ernie Rodriguez:

Membership processing for Patapsco Trails Festival and MoCo Epic

Outreach and support to Frederick Watershed team and Loch Raven team

IMBA World Summit – Bentonville AR

Present – Maximizing the Volunteer Experience

Chapter Congress work session


Steve Don-Tigney:

MD Parks Mobile Bikeshare proposal plan meeting

Loch Raven meeting in Towson

Membership processing for Patapsco Trails Festival and MoCo Epic

Capital Trails Coalition- Announcement Ceremony US Merchant Marine Memorial

Potomac Heritage Trail Association Board Meeting

People for Bikes Draft Night

IMBA Staff meeting with Mary Spalding-CiVi orientation

Capital Trails Coalition- Oct. Meeting

Lake Accotink Park Master Plan Revision-community/user group input

Fort Dupont Workday-tools delivery/return, 4hrs trail work

Envision Loudoun-community input session

REI NoMa Store Opening event

Nonprofit Village “Making a Difference” Award Nomination of MORE


Rob Lowe:

No input received


Dave Magill:

Attended Loch Raven meeting in Towson

Prepared procurement documents for approval by MD SHA for Patuxent

Developed possible structure for a financial summary report

Pepco trail design committee meetings and calls

Worked with SHA on Cosca grants and procurement


The FY2017 grants for Central Maryland multiuse natural surface trails are:

  • MORE – Rivers Edge Trails, Brunswick MD – $30,000
  • MORE – Frederick Watershed Trails – $30,000
  • TC – Cosca Regional Park South Loop – $36,000
  • FPVSP – Patapsco seasonal trail builders – $30,000
  • Emmitsburg – feasibility study for 15 miles of trail – $10,000
  • DNR – Patapsco trail crew and crew leads  – $59,500
  • DNR – Schaeffer Farm trailhead privy  – $30,000
  • DNR – Gambrill park northern trailhead  – $12,000


Aaron Richter:

Volunteered at MOCO Epic

Drafted and mailed checks

prepared financials

review and worked on taxes and books


Greg Dwyer:

Nothing to report—was away for the month of October


Jason Miller

Drafted and distributed October Trailhead News.

Will be working with Cathy Riedel on Trailwork signage


Russ Adams:

Led one ride.

Worked on preparations for Winter 2017 Members Meeting.


Jonathon Kidwell:

Updated website with trail work days

Began year end follow up on trail work waivers and hours

Spoke with Robb Hampton of SCA

Processed workday reimbursements


Jonah Meyers:

Community sponsor donor solicitation

RTP Patuxent grants procurement work


Brad Hawk:

Continued working on a new tracking format for ride leader waivers.

October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes + Activity Reports

MORE Board Meeting

10 October 2016

Location:  7979 Old Georgetown Rd, Suite 1100

Bethesda, MD  20814



Board Members Present

  1. Ernie Rodriguez
  2. Aaron Richter
  3. Dave Magill
  4. Jason Miller
  5. Rob Lowe (Phone)


More STAFF and Members

  1. Steve Don-Tigney
  2. Jonah Meyers
  3. Johnathan Kidwell (Phone)



Item 1:  Financials

  • Need to reconcile spreadsheet regarding new members and renewals from MOCO Epic and Patapsco Trailfest.
    • ACTION -Steve D to reconcile spreadsheets – Complete, 108 MoCo, 143 PTF, 16 Fall Camping Trip
  • Trek Stache Raffle brought in $2,030 for South Germantown and Rockburn Bike Parks
  • Need to balance accounts for Patapsco
  • Paypal is difficult for Treasurer and staff to reconcile.
    • Paypal is easy for users to use.
    • ACTION -Jonah and Aaron will research different options (including our existing square account)
  • MORE is not included in CFC for calendar year 2017 donations
    • MORE needs to work on Holiday giving / donation campaign in lieu of CFC for 2017
    • Ernie R to reapply in December for calendar year 2018


Item 2:  Monthly membership update (Ernie):

  • MORE is currently around 1100 members (1300 if you count sponsorships / partnerships).
    • Does not include Fall Camping Trip / Patapsco / MOCO renewals. Estimated to be 267 memberships
  • We had a good campaign with IMBA for renewals / lapsed memberships


Item 3:  Approval of Restricted Fund (Grant Working Capital Fund)

  • Trails Conservancy $40,000 loan proceeds will be placed in this fund based upon agreement with Single Track Futures Foundation 2015
  • Expected total of $160,000 in Maryland RTP grants in the pipeline
  • MORE needs to put money up front for these grants projects and get reimbursed later.
  • ***VOTE*** Create Grants Working Capital Restricted Fund with an initial balance of $40,000. Motion Passed – All in Favor


Item 4:  REI OptOutside:

  • MORE will participate in REI’s OptOutside campaign for 2016 (Black Friday)
  • ACTION – Ernie and Brad will organize rides to share with REI


Item 5:  Board Reorganization: 

  • Discussion: The responsibilities for MD and VA advocacy is too much for one person
  • ***VOTE*** Create VA Advocacy Director –  Scope includes all advocacy trail matters to include advocacy, construction, maintenance, and grants.
    • Motion Passed – All in Favor
  • ***VOTE*** Eliminate Trails Director position and create MD Advocacy Director – Effective Board Transition Meeting (January 2017)
    • Motion Passed All in Favor


Item 6:  Board of Director 2016 Elections:

  • Nomination Period runs November 1-25
  • Election Period is November 28 – December 5
  • Positions up for Election are:
    • Member Representative
    • Activities Director
    • Virginia Advocacy Director
    • Maryland Advocacy Director
  • ACTION – Steve DonTigney to identify volunteer to run elections
    • Brad Hawk will run elections



Item 7:  Winter Party / Annual Membership Meeting

  • Russ is heading up planning for Winter Party.
  • Russ will lead a call with board before the next meeting to discuss plans for party
  • Winter Party is February 4, 2017 at the Gwendolyn Coffield Community Center


Item 8:  MORE 25th Anniversary:

  • 2017 is the 25th Anniversary of MORE.
  • Jason is working on 25th Anniversary logo. Will be reaching out to membership for help in designing it.
  • BOD will be developing numerous events throughout 2017 celebrating 25 years


Item 9:  Trail Updates:

  • Lake Fairfax Bike Park –Grand Opening held on October 8, 2017. Good attendance and covered by local media.
  • Bacon Ridge – Received conditional approval from Scenic Rivers Land Trust for Phase 2 (Four additional miles)
  • Loch Raven – Informational meeting held on October 12. Currently still have access issues with private landowners.  MORE and the City of Baltimore are still acting under the previous agreement and are anticipating renewing it.
  • Frederick Watershed – Continuing to work with Frederick DPW on proposed Trail Map and Work Plan.
  • MOCO – Planning Board approved an updated Trails Master Plan. Officially designates an additional 50 miles to be built out over the next 2-3 years, including 2 loops in Eastern Montgomery County.
  • Monacacy Natural Resources Area (near Sugarloaf Mtn) – Kathleen Mihm (New MORE Trail Liaison) toured the park with DNR management and are developing a plan to open existing trails and create new trails (Total 10 miles)
  • Little Bennett – Parks department added another mile (built by the county) to the Tobacco Farm Trail
  • Cabin John Park – A mile of new trail has been built and opened north of Tuckerman



Item 10:  MOCO Epic Recap:

  • Great Day/ Full recap will be in trailhead news.  Casey Andersen, Chair of the Montgomery County Planning Board, stated that he wants to make Montgomery County the best place on the East Coast for Mountain Biking.



Board Member Activity Reports:




  • Membership
    • Messages to lapsed memberships – August and September
    • Messages to expiring members – October
    • Thank you for joining/renewing members
    • Research membership status (discounts) for Patapsco and MoCo events
  • Attendance
    • Patapsco Trails Festival
    • Fall Camping Trip
  • Advocacy
    • Prince William County trails planning and volunteer recruitment meeting
    • Arlington County parkland user meeting
    • Grant application for Mount Vernon – 495 Express Lanes
    • Lake Fairfax Pump Track – completion and ribbon cutting
  • Other
    • Order MORE socks with Jason Stoner
    • Work with Aaron, Kevin Adams and Bob Compton on financials

Jason M.:

  • Prepared September Trailhead News


Jonah M.:

  • Attended MORE Fall Camping trip
  • Attended Patapsco Trail Fest
  • Volunteered at MoCo Epic
  • Solicited maps, photos and text for website from MORE liaisons


Dave M.:

  • Mostly MOCO Epic Related –
  • Organized trail survey and final repairs on trails
  • Attended final workday on Cool Spring Run trail
  • Organized course markers along with Tom Newton
  • Marked 7 miles of trail
  • Command Center phone on Ride Day – fixed bad marking, shuttled food to aid stations running out, organized pick ups for riders who could not finish, etc
  • Demarking and helping to take down the Mothership
  • Huge team effort expertly run by Todd Bauer, Bob Caverly and James Corbett with about 75 volunteers in all; thanks to all who helped out and thanks to all who signed up and came out for a great day!


Aaron R.

  • Attended RVA Fall Line Trailfest
  • Meet with Bob Compton, Kevin Adams, and Ernie Rodriguez regardning Tax return questions
  • Completed balance sheet for CPA and taxes
  • Prepared books and mailed checks

Jonathan K.:

  • Updated website with upcoming work days
  • Helped onboard new trail liaisons
  • Distributed surplus hoes to trail liaisons
  • Volunteered for MOCO Epic


Steve D-T.:

  • Lake Fairfax Pump Track Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • PHTA Board Meeting
    • trail connections, Ft. Belvoir access, Leesburg Rt. 15 road project/Trail proposal
    • PHTA Trail new trail evaluation
    • CCT trail Laurel Crest Trail extension
  • 4 Mile Run Park Planning Meeting
    • Pump Track proposal presentation
  • Capital Trails Coalition- Sept. Meeting
    • Press event, ART opening, capital funding
  • Little River Turnpike Bicycle Study Meeting
    • County planning for routes through Annandale East/West corridor
  • Prince William County MTBer Happy Hour
    • user group Meet and Greet


September Board Meeting Minutes + Activity Reports

MORE Monthly Board Meeting: September 12, 2016

REI Tyson’s Corner


Board Members Present

  1. Ernie Rodriguez
  2. Aaron Richter
  3. Dave Magill
  4. Rob Lowe
  5. Greg Dwyer
  6. Jason Miller
  7. Russ Adams


MORE Staff and Members present

  1. Steve Don-Tingey (Executive Director)
  2. Jonah Meyer (Asst. Treasurer/Outreach)
  3. Jonathon Kidwell (Trail Boss)
  4. Frank Raiti (Lake Fairfax Trail Liaison)

Item #1: Presentations to the MORE Board During Monthly Meetings (All)

Board requests presentations made to MORE BoD during monthly meetings be preceded by a synopsis or overview so Board can schedule appropriate time and understand the issue before it is presented.

Item #2: TIPS (Rob Lowe). Dave Magill reported that MoCo is supportive of expanding night rides on county trails led by MORE (and possibly other groups). Permits are required on a park by park basis. The permit is issued to the ride leader(s). The local park manager must approve the issuance of the permit. Aaron Richter has offered to spearhead the effort to obtain a permit for Fairland night rides. Todd Bauer, Rick Meyer and others are working on permits for Little Bennett, Black Hills, and Seneca Greenway.

Item #3: Financials and Winter Membership Meeting (Aaron and Russ)

Aaron will provide August financials via email. A motion was proposed to fund the Winter Member meeting (February 2016) up to $3,500. Costs from last year were venue rental (~$600), food costs (~$1,700), and volunteer recognition. How will volunteers be recognized and how much will this cost? Will it be a potluck vs. catered event? BoD passed the motion to provide a budget of up to $3,500 for the Winter Membership Meeting and to hold a potluck in order to cut down on food costs and provide more funding for volunteer recognition. Russ Adams will serve as the POC for the Winter Member Meeting.

Item #4: BoD Elections during Winter Meeting (all)  

Dave Magill tabled a proposal by to split the Trails and Advocacy Board Member position into two parts on a regional basis: a VA/DC liaison and a MD liaison. Ernie R. suggested the Board consider this proposal over the next 30 days and have a recommendation ready for the October Board meeting so a vote can take place. Does MORE want to expand the number of Board members by one or two? A Women’s Liaison Board Member position was also proposed. Board agreed to review and discuss these proposals via email.

Item #5: Membership (Ernie)

MORE is losing members and needs to address this! MORE does not have easily available data on current, active members; this data is important and valuable so that MORE can grow its member base. Could we move towards a more transactional membership? Why can’t MORE achieve a 3,000-3,500 member goal? Can MORE improve its trail signage and “marketing” at trailheads and other trail areas? Permanent and temporary sings are important. Three levels of signs were proposed: 1) 8.5 x 11 laminated “temp” signage; 2) a larger temp sign for work-days and announcements; and 3) permanent, rugged signage. Perhaps a 4th type of sign showing completion of work, i.e. “This trail built and maintained by MORE…”

Item #6: MoCo STATUS (Dave and Ernie)

408 riders signed up as of today. This number is about where were at last year. Concern w/the current number of volunteers signed up—can MORE send requests for volunteers out via social media? Yes. How soon should we send out reminders out to our contact list(s)?—very soon.

Item #7: Patapsco Trail Fest update  

Ernie, Jonah, and Greg are riding.

Item #8: Fall camping trip (All)

Currently 80 people registered.

Item #9: Trails update (Dave Magill)

Fairfax Pump Track (Frank Raiti): breaking ground on Sept. 19th. Elevated Trails is the contractor. Official ribbon cutting is October 8th. Looking at weekly activities to promote the pump track after its initial opening. Frank will renew the request for night riding after the park is up and running. Funding issues: may fall short of budget. We have applied for a Mastenbrook grant with Fairfax County to help with funding. Fairfax County Park Authority can match funds up to $20,000. This grant will be to cover remaining cost of the track construction as well as a shelter, water collection system, and a tool shed to store tools on site. MORE has $16K in the Lake Fairfax pump track restricted fund and will continue to fundraise to cover the shortfall for building and amenities. Frank is planning for a kiosk, storage container for tools, water and other items. The park has indicated they will donate the kiosk, which will contain the signage for the pump track and trail head as well as rules and instructions on using the pump track.  There is a fundraiser planned in the near term.


Dave Magill: We are hopeful that grants for both Rivers Edge and Watershed will be approved. Official in October or November. Carlo worked with Brunswick City Council and got the first mile of trail completed at Rivers Edge for foot traffic only. A total will be four miles is being planned for foot and bike use. At Watershed, there remains opposition to the proposed legal trail map. MORE’s trail liaison Dave K. believes the city will approve the final plan, which may happen this week. Emmittsburg–nothing new to report. Patapsco 113 volunteers attended trail work two weeks ago. Lockraven–still no signed agreement, public meeting planned for Oct 13. MoCo Trails: five miles of trail built and/or updated at Little Bennet. Cabin John improvements underway. Thanks to Casey Anderson at MoCo Parks and Planning and to MORE members reaching out to their elected leaders requesting them to support MORE’s work and support for funding trail building and maintenance in MoCo.  Joe Fritch loop including Rock Creek will be machine upgraded next year. MoCo looking to expand night rides at Fairland and MORE is looking for volunteers to organize and step up to lead daytime and night rides there. Bacon Ridge (Anne Arundel Co.): Phase 1 complete, Phase 2 approvals in process. Three different land trusts must approve Phase 2. Rosaryville: Jim and Mike stepped up to fix several problem areas due to recent storms. Schaeffer: “Schaeffer Turns 21” was a well-attended event and we stayed under budget. We may have another trail system, Monocacy, just south of Sugar Loaf Mountain that may get some maintenance to make accessible trails in the future, new liaison Kathleen Mihm in place for Monocacy.

VA report: Mount Vernon: waiting for final bill for trail work. Mike has “bequeathed” the park to Carlos. Laurel Hill: October 2nd is take your kid mountain biking day. BROT: Additional signage up. When will the RTP go up/in? Wakefield/Accotink: Wakefield has asked for trail work, which is scheduled. Prince William Forest (Prince William County): Ryan is assisting MORE. Quantico: What is the status of the additional eight-mile loop? Need to find out.

Jason: how do we get MORE’s website information to members/users on trails? Link to MTB project? We want to keep our maps in the website, not linking to outside web sites. Jonah will be provided read/write access to the website (WordPress) and will explore options.

Item #10: Sponsorship (Steve D-T)

Suggestion made to clarify the difference b/t a corporate donor and corporate sponsor: Individual Donor, Bike Shop, Corporate Donor, and Community Sponsor. Steve D-T should update the sponsorship levels on the website.

Item #11: MORE Women’s MTB Day update (Ernie)

Simona, Kathy, Jo, Ann Mader, and others did a fantastic job. Nice event, great job. Every clinic was well attended. Huge turnout. MORE needs to maintain the momentum from this event.



August 2016 BoD Meeting Minutes + Activity Reports

MORE Board Meeting

8 August 2016

Location: 7979 Old Georgetown Rd, Suite 1100

Bethesda, MD 20814



Board Members Present

  1. Ernie Rodriguez
  2. Aaron Richter
  3. Greg Dwyer
  4. Jason Miller
  5. Rob Lowe


More STAFF and Members

  1. Steve Don-Tingey
  2. Jonah Meyers
  3. Jonathan Kidwell


Invited Guests

  1. Tom Crotty (Fountainhead Trail Co- liaison)
  2. Paul Hardy (Fountainhead Trail Co-liaison)
  3. RuthAnn Ligon (Penn State University Graduate Student)
  4. Jim Bole (Loch Raven Trail Co-liaison)


Item 1: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) At Fountainhead (Presentation by RuthAnn Ligon, graduate student at Penn State)

  1. Current web-app is specifically focused on Fountainhead, but it can be applied to any local trail(s).
  2. System allows for advocating and sharing data with local partners
  3. ESRI provides the software backbone. Prices for nonprofits are low–$100/license/year. For up to 25 users, it’s most effective to purchase individual user licenses.
  4. Requests: 1) ability to use MORE’s 501(c)(3) status and; 2) $300 to purchase three licenses to get started on mapping Fountainhead.
  5. Working with MTB project and would like to get IMBA involved.
  6. What about working w/Trail Forks on mapping?


Item 2: Monthly membership update (Ernie): In June 85 members did not renew. In July 73 members did not renew.

  • Rosaryville Night Ride Issues (Ernie): Discussed recent occurrences of members and non-members taking illegal night rides at Rosaryville.


Item 3: July Financials (Aaron): Women’s clinic doing well. Operating funds is a ‘zero sum game”. We need more un-restricted funds to keep the club healthy. For the year thus far, we’ve generated $31K in revenue and spent approximately $60K. Ernie noted that the majority of MORE’s funds arrive in the middle and later parts of the calendar year. Restricted funds have generated roughly $30K thus far this year for MORE.


Item 4: Donor Fundraising Plan (Steve and Jonah): Two versions of the MORE overview ready for finalization by Board.   Need to put both versions on the website. Also need to have these overviews for MORE board, staff, and members to hand out to interested parties (individuals, clubs, bike shops, corporate donors, individual donors). Jason: Can we include the new sponsorship/donor program into the newsletter? Ernie: YES. Action: Board and staff to provide Jason with input for the newsletter. Jonah: propose having outside review of the donor program sheets before we finalize.  Steve D-T is the POC for MORE fundraising efforts.


Item 5: Trails Update:

  • Pataspco (Jim Bole): Much damage around the Ellicott City area. Avalon is closed. Grist Mill trail is damaged. Need to update MORE members “special bulletin” announcement on the FB page. Action: update MORE website this evening (Jonah)
  • Loch Raven (Jim Bole): Still need trail rights from four private property owners. Consequently, Purple Trail (near Pot Springs trail) remains off the list of legal, available trails. Looking at getting a renewal. Working w/city Department of Public Works (DPW) to build and maintain trails. Can’t print a map of trails. Request is for a “right of access.”


Item 6: MORE’s 25th Anniversary in 2017 (Greg): A general food-for-thought discussion among the Board. 25th Anniversary Jersey idea? What fundraising opportunities would there be? Summer picnic needs to be organized well in advance. Action: All Board members provide 25th Anniversary idea input before next Board meeting.


Item 7: Website updates (All): Web updates should be tied-into the 25th anniversary)


Item 8: Fall camping trip (Rob L.): 25 folks already registered. Need to remind members about dates. Dates are 23-25 September.


Item 9: MoCo update (All): Volunteers are organized through BikeReg


Item 10: Schaffer Turns 21 (All): Post updates on website and Facebook.


Item 11 GIS at Fountainhead proposal: Action: All questions from Board to Greg in one week. Greg will consolidate all questions and send to Paul Hardy and Tom Crotty for follow-up.




Board Member Activity Reports:




  1. Attend Frederick Trail work day
  2. Facilitate tools for Mount Vernon
  3. Membership expiration and renewal emails
  4. Set-up process for Trek Stache raffle fulfillment on MORE website
  5. Ordered “I $upport MORE” stickers
  6. Working on final details to order MORE socks
  7. Working with REI on Fort DuPont work day for trails
  8. Support Martin as he sets up Knation Builder Program for trail liaisons to qualify for pro deals
  9. Set-up and distributed Lake Fairfax Pump Track bidders package.
  10. Set-up committee to evaluate and select builder for Lake Fairfax Pump Track build
  11. Lead 2 rides


Greg D.:

  1.  Drafted notes for July BOD Meeting
  2.  Posted final notes to MORE website
  3.  Provided comments on MORE’s donor program


Jonah M.:

  1. Completed Civi CRM training
  2. Poked around Civi for individual donor tracking capabilities
  3. Provided comments on fundraising program
  4. Tracked incoming checks and saved materials on Dropbox


Dave M.:

  1. Attended MoCo Epic planning meeting. While sign ups are ahead of last year by a few, registrations have flat lined. Group spent time planning email and other marketing efforts. Whole Foods is coming in big supplying water for free and some nutrition. Will do a registration Friday night in a store.
  2. With Ernie’s assistance led call with Austin to discuss TC alternatives in light of unavailability of loans from MORE for RTP grants. Nothing material to report. TC has submitted the final $2700 reimbursement request to SHA to fully repay MORE loan.
  3. Workdays at Schaeffer and Black Hills BH now finished
  4. Planning Schaeffer turns 21 event August 14 with MoCo team.
  5. Provided comments on fundraising plan.


Aaron R.

  1. Attended Frederick trail work day
  2. Prepared July expense report
  3. Mailed multiple checks for expenses and reimbursements
  4. Continued to work with CPA on 2015 financial review and Form 990


Brad H.:

  1. Women’s Program: Held the first MORE sponsored women’s basic skills clinic lead by Anne Mader who donated her time and the registrations fees to MORE.
    • Created a 4 week skills clinic series lead by Anne Mader and Simona to run August 10, 17, 24, 31. All 12 spots are sold out with a waiting list created. Funds donated to MORE by Anne Mader.
    • Discussing with Anne and Simona setting up a 2nd skills clinic series to run in September. Added an “Interest Only” product to the MORE shop page to track rider interest.
  2. -The MORE Women’s Mountain Bike Day is scheduled for September 11 and is currently posted on the MORE calendar and Facebook page. Registration for the event is here: https://www.bikereg.com/more-womens-mountain-bike-day.
    • We have secured multiple sponsors for various donations for Women’s MTB Day event – Bikenetic, The Bike Lane, Dancing Mind Yoga, Park Tools, Proteus Bikes, Hammer Nutrition, Bell Sports as well as more that are coming on closer to the event.
    • Contacted Todd Bauer to schedule a ladies ride for next Sunday at the Schaeffer Farms Anniversary Day.

MORE rides / leaders –

  1. The creation of the new email (postings@more-mtb.org) has generated little communication. Did we send out notice to ride leaders, trail liaisons, etc. that we created this email to help boost participation for local rides, trail workdays and other events via the MORE calendar, Facebook and our Meetup page?
  2. Several MORE board and staff members led rides in July. We need to schedule some rides for August.

July Activities:

  1. Working with Simona, Jo, Kathy, Anne to create a women’s MTB program.
  2. Lead one weekend ride
  3. Accotink trail work
  4. Spent time getting familiar with the WordPress site for product sales / creation
  5. Daily updates to the Facebook page


Jonathan K.:

  1. Updated website to reflect upcoming workdays
  2. Added volunteer hours from previous workdays to TrackitForward
  3. Helped on-board new Fort Dupont liaisons



Steve D-T.:

Ft. Dupont 

  1. Met with DCMTB President Mark Drajem
  2. Met with representatives for ESKape team
  3. Conference call with REI, DCMTB, Ernie, Ray
  4. Meeting scheduled for Wednesday August 10th with Park authority to discuss workday schedule, trails and future use


  1. Lake Fairfax Pump Track stakeholders meeting: Ernie, Larry, Frank Raiti, Bruce Buckley, Anne Mader
  2. Phone interview with BIKE mag re: Loch Raven
  3. Materials to REI’s Women’s event
  4. Donor letters
  5. IMBA All Staff calls and RD calls regarding staff changes and new Fundraising program


July 2016 BoD Meeting Minutes

MORE Monthly Board Meeting: July 11, 2016

REI Tyson’s Corner



Board Members Present

Ernie Rodriguez

Aaron Richter

Dave Magill

Rob Lowe

Greg Dwyer


MORE Staff and Members present

Steve Don-Tingey

Jonah Meyer


Item 1: Treasurer’s Report (Aaron R.)

Reviewed the June monthly financials. Discussion ensued regarding individual vs. large corporate vs. small business donations. Extensions requested for 2015 MORE tax returns; working w/a Maryland-based CPA on MORE’s 2015 tax returns. Women’s ride coordinator funding issues discussed.


Item 2: Membership report (Ernie R.)

Reviewed member chart submitted by Ernie. How do we retain members and attract new MORE members? Current members are at approximately 1,334. We need to do a better job of retaining and growing members. Rob shared his recent interactions w/Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) and agreed to further explore VMBA’s operations and organization.


Item 3: Ride calendar (Brad H.)

Did not discuss


Item 4: Shop liaison program (Ernie R.)

Jason Miller to provide further details and lay out next steps. Four to five volunteers are currently supporting Jason on development of MORE’s shop liaison program. Action: Jason to provide update to Board during August BOD meeting.


Item 5: MORE Store update (Ernie R.)

Second tranche of MORE jerseys are currently for sale.


Item 6: Fall Camping Trip (Rob L.)

Sign-up is out on BikeReg website. Dates are Sept 23-25 in Big Bear, WV.   Need to start promoting the event on MORE website and social media. Typical numbers are 100-150 participants. Third year in a row at this location. All agreed for the need to plan earlier in the year (i.e. March/April) for a similar summer event.


Item 7: Fort Dupont Park, Washington, D.C. possible pump track (Steve D-T.)

Steve met w/Anthony Duncan (IMBA mid-Atlantic Region) and Raymond Crew (trail liaison for Fort Dupont). Existing trails are mostly man-made surface trails; existing trail is a loop trail that includes some road/city riding. Pump track would be located in an old, unused garden area. Ft. Dupont is the only legal natural surface riding area in Washington, D.C.


Item 8: VA Trails Update/Lake Fairfax Pump track (Ernie R.)

MORE received approval to precede w/building a pump track at Lake Fairfax from Fairfax Park Authority and waiting on final Rough Grading Plan approval from Fairfax County. Ernie is working to advertise project w/potential bidders and builders. More has approximately $16K budgeted for this project. Need is for pump track to have full community support and local, resident champions so that track is used and maintained.   Larry Cautilli is the MORE POC. Approximate project timeline mid-July to December 2016. Desirable deadline for opening is Labor Day Weekend 2016. Action: Ernie and/or Steve D-T to provide Board with periodic updates on pump track status.


Item 9: Update on Cocktails for Trails Event and September 17-18 2016 Patapsco TrailFest (Dave Ferraro of Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park via phone-in)

Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park (FPVSP). Background: Patapsco trail system is a system for all users—bikers, hikers, equestrian use, birders, kayakers, dog walkers, etc.

$15K was raised at the recent “Cocktails for Trails” fundraiser event.

PatapscoTrailFest will use the multi-user event model from Cocktails for Trails event. Expecting to completely sell-out the event; not considered a fundraiser, but a “break even” event. Any profits will be shared w/those nonprofits involved. Under Armor has agreed to donate $20K of t-shirts and Sierra Nevada will sponsor the beer all weekend. Other events in addition to MTN biking: hiking Saturday afternoon and running races on Sunday, specifically a full marathon, half-marathon, and 8K race plus a one-mile fun run in the park. Food trucks start at 4pm on Saturday. REI will host a sMOREs party Saturday evening. Woodstock Inn has built a new parking lot for Patapsco trail users. Still waiting for installation of mountain bike trail signage in the Park.  www.pvsptrailfest.com


Item 10: Status of Draft mid-year Singletrack Futures Fund (SFF) Report (Dave M.)

Dave M inquired about the status of the mandatory mid-year report due to SFF under MORE’s grant from SFF. The report has not yet been drafted. Action: Steve Don-Tigny to draft the report and provide copies to the board members as soon as possible.


Item 11: RTP Grants update in MD for FY2017 (Dave M.)

Trails committee update: Three RTP grant applications were submitted by MORE to MD SHA prior to the June 30 deadline – $40K to build trails in Frederick watershed, $30K for Rivers Edge trails in Brunswick, $10K for misc. tools for volunteer used at 29 parks in MD. We should hear back on these grants in the Sept-Oct timeframe.


Item 12: Sponsorships and Fundraising (Jonah M.):

Board and staff reviewed Jonah’s proposal.  Board agreed that Steve D-T would be the primary individual in charge of fundraising. Ernie noted and emphasized that ALL Board members should be fundraising. The Board voted to move forward on establishing individual, shop, and community donor programs with MORE Executive Director Steve D-T as the lead. Action: Steve D-T to present initial fundraising proposal(s) (working w/Jonah M. and other Board members) during August 2016 Board Meeting. BOD to provide Steve D-T input, ideas, and proposals from outside entities regarding fundraising before August Board meeting.

June 2016 BoD Meeting Minutes

MORE Board meeting: June 13, 2016

Location: 7979 Old Georgetown Rd, Suite 1100

Bethesda, MD 20814



Board members Present

Ernie Rodriguez

Rob Lowe

Dave McGill

Aaron Richter

Jason Miller

Russ Adams

Greg Dwyer


MORE Staff, MORE Members, Invited Guests

Steve Don-Tingey (MORE)

Jonah Meyer (MORE)

Jonathan Kidwell (MORE)


Shane Farthing (MoCo Park and Planning)

Casey Anderson (MoCo Park and Planning)

Brad Hawk (MORE)

Tim O’Donnell (City of Emmitsburg, MD)

Item 1: Board discussed the creation of a restricted fund for the Women’s program and establishing a Women’s Program coordinator. Motion to create the fund was passed.

Item 2: Board discussed the creation of a pump track at Ft. Dupont (National Park in S.E. Washington, D.C.) REI has donated $15K to MORE that is earmarked for the establishment of a pump track at Fort Dupont. Motion was passed to accept the $15K from REI and create a special purpose restricted fund to support the project.

Item 3: Board discussed the creation of a restricted fund for the Bull Run Occoquan Trail (BROT), to close out the fountainhead.org website, and transfer Fountainhead restricted funds into BROT. Motion to create the fund was passed.

Item 4: Board heard a presentation by Tim O’Donnel, MORE member and Emmitsburg, Maryland elected official, requesting MORE’s support of the city of Emmitsburg and specifically support of Emmitsburg’s growing mountain bike trail network. Tim discussed the Trail Conservancy’s efforts to build trails in Emmitsburg and highlighted Emmittsburg’s upcoming Community Heritage Day. Tim requested MORE include Emmitsburg trail write-ups on the MORE the website. Board President agreed. Tim suggested that MORE look into enlisting the Maryland Stadium Authority to help promote future Epic rides in Maryland. The Board agreed to further study this proposal. Tim noted the importance of MORE members sharing their trail rides with local Emmitsburg businesses as business owners appreciate knowing what demographic is using local trails and supporting local businesses.

Item 5: Dave McGill reviewed information he had provided earlier via email regarding an update to the “Who is MORE” informational handout.

Item 6: Casey Anderson of Montgomery County Parks and Planning (MoCo P&P) highlighted MoCo P&P support to create addition trails in MoCo. Casey thanked MORE for its advocacy efforts and acknowledged that snail mail and email to MoCo elected officials affected public policy. He highlighted the fact that MoCo P&P has a five-year capital budget of approximately $350K/year to support and build natural surface trails. He further noted opportunities to work with Pepco on power-line trails in Montgomery County. Shane Farthing (MoCo P&P) noted successful advocacy efforts by the Washington Area Bicyclists Association (WABA to influence bicycle policy and projects.

Item 7 (Dave McGill): There was a general discussion whether to replenish the general trail fund, and a proposal by Dave McGill to move $5K of MORE unrestricted funds to the general trail fund. Dave suggested that MORE look into a new email campaign specifically for the general trails fund that would support all trails in the region. He suggested that these new funds in the general trail fund would serve as “seed money” to support new ventures at the smaller parks. It was also noted that the permitting process for new trails and parks was getting more expensive. Dave proposed that MORE act as a “seed organization” to get bigger projects started, completed, and maintained. Board voted and agreed to move $5K from unrestricted funds to the general trail fund.

Item 8: Board member interaction with the public during important events. Greg Dwyer agreed to attend the REI DC store opening kick-off event at the Smithsonian Museum of American History on June 18th.   Ernie noted the upcoming “Cocktails for Trails” event at Patapsco on Thursday, June 16th would be another good opportunity for Board Members to interact at an important public event and Dave Magill stated he would plan on attending.

Item 9: Membership update: Ernie provided the following membership chart and highlighted that MORE needed to focus on membership renewals.


Member char

Item 10: Membership renewal issues. Aaron Richter noted that membership renewal rates for the first five months of 2016 were lower than during the same time-period last year.

Item 11: MORE Sponsorship update: Jason Miller noted that the Shop Liaisons program was about to kick-off and requested funds for marketing materials to promote this program. Ernie agreed to provide funds from the President’s budget line. Additionally, Board requested Jason provide a firm budget figure request in the near future so Treasurer could track expenditures.

Item 12: MORE Individual Donor program update (Jonah Meyer). The Board noted the need finalize the “Who is MORE” promotional document in the next 30 days. The Board expressed the need to have specific levels and categories of donorship so individual donors could be recognized for their donations, and marketing materials specifically designed for distribution to potential individual donors.

Item 13: MORE operations issues. The Board expressed the need to work through one point-of-contact on website and Facebook page issues.   Brad Hawk volunteered to coordinate Facebook and Meetup strategies and postings to MORE’s social media platforms. Greg agreed to work with and support Brad.

The following items were tabled for the July BOD meeting: table toppers, general events update, trail status app, ride leadership.

Activity Reports:

Dave Magill – Trails Director

  • Met with Loch Raven liaison team and held follow on calls to help develop strategy to communicate to stakeholders and to renew the MOU
  • Spent two days in the field with DNR and MDE to advance the permitting for Patuxent, coordinated with a new volunteer who will take to lead to write the MDE permit application.
  • Joined group of MORE volunteers receiving formal recognition to MORE from the MoCo County Council for volunteer work on natural trails
  • Assisted Carlo Alfano in drafting MD RTP grant request for Rivers Edge
  • Organized and held Trails Committee call
  • Updated MORE profile on MoCo student volunteer opportunity website
  • Participated in multi-stakeholder call about trails on Pepco power lines. The Pepco rep did not show up.
  • Worked with Bacon Ridge liaisons to finalize and submit a letter to AACo designed to address concerns with Phase 1 construction, make commitments to certain repairs, and facilitate approval of Phase 2 and protocols for its construction. The letter was well received and AACo is pursuing approval of Phase 2 with landowner stakeholders

Ernie Rodriguez – President

  • Membership renewal communications – reminder notices to members who have allowed membership to lapse
  • Membership thank you emails – personal emails to renewing members
  • Trails Committee – Dave will brief
  • Establish committee to improve member benefits – support social activities
  • Loch Raven communications – update members on status of MOU
  • Represent MORE at NOVA Parks – National Trails Day Celebration
  • Represent MORE at NOVA Parks – Ribbon cutting and opening of Fountainhead to Bull Run Marina Trail
  • Work with Tim O’Donnell to have beer at Rainbow Lake for MORE June 25
  • Work with Dave Ferraro on event beer sponsorships
  • Work with Fountainhead liaison and GMU student project to report maintenance issues – more to come, reaching out to IMBA for inclusion in MTB Project
  • Work with Eric Crawford on Stemaster trail work tool evaluation – Eric provided valuable feedback
  • Create webpage for Women’s MTB Skills Clinic
  • Create webpage for PVSP events and listings

Jonathan Kidwell – Trail Boss

  • Ordered, organized, branded, and delivered hand tools for liaisons at Fairland, Cosca, Little Bennett, Fountainhead, Hoyles Mill, Seneca Bluffs, Rosaryville, Emmitsburg, Wakefield, Schaeffer Farm, and Rivers Edge.
  • Started the process to receive reimbursement from an old RTP grant for a portion of the cost of the tools.
  • Followed up with liaisons regarding workday waivers
  • Entered volunteer hours in TiF

Aaron Richter – Treasurer

  • Contacted CPAs to prepare 2015 Tax return and financial review (Waiting for responses and quotes); average quote has been around $2,500
  • Prepared May financials
  • Prepared budget vs actuals through June 1, 2015

May 2016 MORE BoD’s Meeting Minutes

MORE Board Meeting: Monday, May 9, 2016

Location: REI Tyson’s Corner

Time: 7-9PM

Board Members Present:

  1. Ernie Rodriguez
  2. Rob Lowe
  3. Aaron Richter
  4. Russ Adams
  5. Jason Miller
  6. Greg Dwyer

MORE Staff/Members Present:

  1. Steve DonTingny
  2. Jonah Meyer
  3. Jonathan Kidwell
  4. Brad Hawk

Introduction of MORE Executive Director

  • Steve DonTigny is MORE’s new Executive Director. Steve has background with Non-Profit Membership Development, Fulfillment and Customer Service.
  • Committed to growing membership and involvement in the organization. See Bio on MORE website.

Review of NOVA Reimbursement

  • Trails committee will be anticipating a grant request for Lake Fairfax project.

 CiviCRM Training Update

  • MORE Board Members have been offered training to learn Civi CRM, the platform used for accessing and utilizing the membership database. Greg, Jason, and Jonah indicated interest in receiving the training.


  • Ernie is working with Jason Ashmore to update all member, staff, and BOD email addresses.

Activities Update

  • Russ Adams is working on possible MORE summer “Gathering” at Shenandoah State Park. There will not be a singularly MORE sponsored summer picnic.
  • MORE will participate in Emmittsburg’s Community Heritage Day on June 25th–Russ and Brad will follow up on next steps.
  • Bryce will follow up on a summer day-out at a local VA ski resort/bike park.
  • Activity Reports will be posted along/in the monthly meeting minutes. Greg & Russ to coordinate on this.

MORE 2016 Jerseys

  • 70 items ordered.  Will be shipped May 26th and delivered late May. Jason Miller will work on setting up Happy Hour events & locations for distribution to members.

Membership / Communication

  • BOD and Executive Director unanimously agreed on the need to improve email and communication to/for members. Changes to Facebook needed. Brad Hawk will create Facebook group (in addition to the MORE Organization Facebook Group), with assistance from Greg Dwyer.
  • MORE’s Constant Contact groups will need to be updated.

Fulfillment Update

  • Ernie to order additional sMORE’s and MORE stickers.  Should be available to distribute at Tour de Fat (21 May 2016).
  • BOD agreed on need to distribute Swag to members. Ernie will send out surveys.
  • New PLB (Parking Lot Beer) Cups needed: Jason and Rob will work on this.
  • General membership give-a-ways: Ernie to send to Surveys
  • Donor recognition & gifts: Ernie to send Surveys (see meeting item on Sponsorship)

MD Trails Update

  • Patuxent: Walk through coming up next week, but no final approval as of yet.
  • Loch Raven (Purple Trail): Loch Raven committee is working on getting Right of Way access.  Need to follow up with local community about current status before end of June so we are in compliance w/the current list of proposals. Waiting on Final letter of approval from DPW to start Phase 2.

Virginia Trails Update

  • Working on National Trails Day June 4 event at Occoquan Regional Park
  • Lake Fairfax Pump Track final approval pending – Waiting on Rough Grading Plan (sewer line)
  • Lake Accotink – Meeting on Master Plan this Monday (May 16th)
  • Prince William Forest – Committee has put together a draft plan to convert some existing trails to mountain bike trails
  • June 11 is the ribbon cutting, trail work and official opening of the Fountainhead to Bull Run Marina trail

Ride Coordinator

  • Working on getting rides organized on weekends in addition to currently organized weeknight rides
  • Many Board members have committed to leading weekend rides
  • Working with REI to outdoor school rides added to MORE Calendar: Brad Hawk has action and Jonah Meyer will assist.

Upcoming events

  • Dirtfest 2016: 19-22 May at Raystown Lake in PA. Ernie and Steve will attend
  • REI College Park Women Bike Night Out May 18 – Jo and Holly will serve as point of contact for MORE
  • Bike to Work Day: 20 May
  • Tour De Fat, Washington D.C.: 21 May

Trail Status Update

  • Web and Twitter: Rob Lowe is investigating automatic updates to members.

Quarterly MORE Newsletter

  • Jason Miller and Greg Dwyer will collaborate with Steve DonTingny to manage member communications. 


  • Jonah Meyer has put together initial sponsorship package. BOD will review and comment for discussion at April Board meeting.
  • Need to update who MORE is and what our goals/objectives are. BOD will send input to Jonah for coordination.
  • Board members will send Jonah any comments on Sponsorship Packages.
  • Steve DonTingny is responsible for Fundraising with assistance from BoD’s.


MORE BOD/Staff Activities Report for April 2016:

President – Ernest Rodriguez

  • CFC thank you’s
  • Membership renewal thank you’s
  • Working with Larry Cautilli on Property assessment for private land owner in Alexandria
  • Working on updating Distribution list
  • Following up on:
    • Tour-de-Fat social media postings
    • NOVA Trail Fest – June 4
    • REI Women’s Bike Night Out – College Park May 18
  • Membership trends
  • SWAG – stickers ordered for MORE and sMORE’s
  • Need additional SWAG
  • Discuss Patapsco Trail Fest membership incentive (discount)
  • DirtFest attendance

Vice President – Rob Lowe

  • Outreach at rides, shops, and at trails/workdays and social events (Meetup).
  • Review of trail info continues for soon/future updates.
  • Ride leadership.
  • Beginner Rider Clinic planning continued
  • Working on updating Distribution list

Treasurer – Aaron Richter

Operations – Greg Dwyer

Trails Director – Dave Magill

  • Continued working with trailboss to get tools ordered and delivered.  $1670 RTP grant paperwork done and all items ordered.
  • Working with Chris Garrett and Jim McNeely to assess inquiry from American Chestnut Land Trust in Calvert County to possibly build and maintain trails on their land. Unfortunately most of their lands are designated Wildlands so not open to bikes
  • MoCo trail priorities and new trail alignments for reroutes and new trail for the Epic, with trail building staff and Rick Meyer
  • Continued work with Austin Steo and Aaron on collecting $40k loan.  $37.7 should be received within 2-3 weeks.
  • Working with Eric Crawford to get all approvals in place to allow use of the Patapsco Reinvestment Funds as working capital for TrailFest.

Member Representative  – Jason Miller

Activities Director – Russ Adams


April 2016 MORE BOD Meeting Minutes

MORE Board Meeting 4/11/16, 7-9 PM

Bethesda, MD



Ernie Rodriguez

Rob Lowe

Dave Magill

Aaron Richter

Russ Adams

Jason Miller



Jonah Meyer

Jonathan Kidwell


Membership Renewals (Spring Drive)

  • Ernie sent Membership reminders to 2016 members who lapsed. 83 so far. Few hundred for 2015.
  • To date 19 people have renewed.
  • Membership drive continues until May 31, 2016.


Executive Director Vacancy

  • Rob, Ernie, Anthony Duncan reviewed 5 applicants for Executive Director.
  • Interviews are ongoing.
  • ***Motion*** Extend an offer to candidate selected by committee. All in favor.


Intern Position

  • Ernie has applied with Marymount University for volunteer interns, including for the MoCoEpic.
  • Need to update the announcement to include that travel expenses will be covered



  • Significant Tool Replenishment Process is underway
  • MOCO Reinvestment will spend $1700 for tools replenishment for MOCO area parks
  • $1700 will come from RTP tools grant
  • Balance will come out of work day expenses. Current budget is $5000 for workday expenses.
  • 14 different parks have asked for some tool replenishment.


  • ***Motion*** Increase the Workday and Trail Tool line item from $5000 to $6300. All in favor.



  • ***Motion*** Create Frederick Watershed Restricted Fund*** All in Favor.
  • ***Motion*** Close NOVA Epic Reimbursement. Move surplus to General Funds.  Motion passed.


Trails Update

  •  Bacon Ridge
    • First Trail System in Arundel County.
    • Phase 1 has been built with volunteer turnout. 5 miles so far.
    • Need consent of Scenic Land River Trust to start Phase 2.
    • Anne Arundel County will hire Professional Trail Builder to sign off on Phase 2.



  •  Meadowood – Spokes Demo Day: May 7,    Proceeds to MORE.
  • National Trails Day: June 4, 2016. Multiple locations. Details to come
  • Emmittsburg Community Day: June 25, 2016. MORE Group Rides out near Rainbow Lake
  • Patapsco Trail Fest: September 17-18
  • Fall Camping Trip: September 22-25, 2016.  Back to Big Bear
    • Andy Guest State Park – Possible location for Future Fall Camping Trip
  • Winter Party – Possible back to Silver Spring. Recommendation for other locations welcome.



Action Items: 

  • Ride Coordinator to organize rides for Meadowood Demo Day and Emmitsburg Community Day
  • Activities Director to investigate summer event at Bryce
  • Dave Magill to develop Schaeffer turns 21 event.